Smart Uses of Paper Egg Trays!

I’m sure everyone has used egg trays at home. If you just throw them away, then you’re missing out on a huge fortune! The internet has summarised many great uses for egg trays and I’ve summarised these tips here.

1. Support for Your Laptop

Laptops get hotter over time, which is not good for their use. Pulp egg trays provide good support and have holes for holding eggs. You can put a pulp egg tray underneath your laptop when you are using it to provide good heat dissipation.

Support for laptop

2. Use As a Storage Box

Girls usually have a lot of jewellery, such as necklaces, earrings, rings etc. The egg holder has just the right amount of holes to hold a piece of jewellery so that you can easily use it and find it later. Of course, you can also work on the egg tray so that you have a unique storage box!

Storage Box

3. Planting Containers

Want to add some greenery to your home? All you need is soil and seeds, plus discarded egg trays from home, and you’re ready to start growing greenery!

Growing flowers in egg trays

4. Decorations

The shape and colour of the paper egg tray can easily be changed, so come and use your imagination with your child! See what else the paper egg tray can become!

make decoration with egg tray

It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment. I’m sure you’ll find these tips easy to follow. Come and try them out!