Shipment of Customized BTF1-4 Egg Tray Forming Machine to Guyana

Good news! On January 5, 2022, Beston completed the shipment of BTF1-4 egg tray forming machine to Guyana. Beston customized the color of the egg tray forming machine in accordance with the requirements of Guyana customers. Next, I will introduce you the details of this cooperation.

BTF1-4 egg tray forming machine to Guyana - customized color
BTF1-4 egg tray forming machine to Guyana – customized color

Details of Guyana Customers Buy BTF1-4 Egg Tray Machine from Beston

The output of BTF1-4 is about 1500 pieces of egg tray per hour. The raw materials for making egg trays in Guyana are only waste paper and water! In addition, due to the high temperature throughout the year in Guyana, our customers can save the cost of building a drying room. They only need to put the egg trays under the sun to complete drying work. BTF1-4 egg tray machine is smaller in size and cheaper in price. Moreover, Beston is carrying out year-end promotions, Guyana customers get preferential egg tray machine price. In addition to the forming machine, the main parts shipped to Guyana include pulp beater, water pump and so on.

Beston hydraulic pulper to Guyana
Beston hydraulic pulper
Beston water pump to Guyana
Beston water pump
Shipment of egg tray forming machine to Guyana
Shipment of egg tray forming machine

Delivery Video

Why Guyana Customers Choose Beston?

Guyana customers have looked for a number of egg tray machine suppliers, and among them, they are most satisfied with Beston’s products and services. Because the paper pulp manufacturing process with Beston machines is very simple, basically it is controlled by an electric control cabinet. The whole production process does not produce any environmentally harmful substances. And using egg trays in Guyana is conducive to solving the local waste paper problem. The development prospect of this project is very broad!

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