Pulp Molding Machine Price

Pulp molding machine price is an important factor that you should consider. Beston Machinery specializes in manufacturing various pulp molding machines with competitive price. Pulp molding machine is now considered to be a popular machine with a wide range of applications and large production scale.

Pulp Molding Machine Price
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How About Paper Pulp Moulding Machine Price

Beston pulp molding machine costs at least $8,000. The exact price still depends on the model you choose.

Don’t just consider the price of the machine. The quality of the equipment, the professionalism of the team, and the availability of the service should all be taken into account.


Reasons for High Profitability of Pulp Molding Machine

Low Cost

It is important to know that the raw material of the egg tray machine is just waste paper and water. And the price of waste paper is also on a downward trend, which reduces the cost for your production.

In addition, we have been adhering to the concept of environmental protection in production, so our paper tray machine consumes very little electricity in the production process. Choose Beston and a lot of unnecessary production costs will be reduced.

With the continuous refinement of production technology, our pulp molding equipment is very precise in operation and can reach zero errors. Your loss rate will be minimized.

High Quality

Our engineers have been insisting on technical upgrading, and now our paper pulp moulding machines have been tested millions of times to achieve the best production results. Both running speed and the final pulp molding products are perfect.

In addition, the pulp drying system has been improved several times to achieve the effect that many of our peers cannot reach. Products made by Beston egg tray dryer are well accepted by the market and can be sold well.

All the equipment produced by Beston Group has passed CE, ISO, SGS certificates. We also have one-year quality guarantee period and indefinite after-sales service.

High Efficiency

Beston pulp moulding machines are highly automated, so less human resources are used in the production process, resulting in savings in labor costs.

Unlike traditional pulp moulding machines, Beston’s products can produce large quantities of products in a short period of time. Investing in Beston pulp moulding equipment maximizes your production capacity and makes a faster return on investment.

In addition, the technology of Beston’s pulp molding plant is very mature, which means the failure rate is very low. The production speed of egg cartridge equipment is stable and maintenance costs can be saved.

paper moulding machine price


What Factors Determine the Price of a Pulp Molding Machine?

  • First of all, the price is within the market range. Beston paper pulp molding machines are sold to customers all over the world. We will not raise the price of the equipment for a particular customer. Relative to the quality, Beston pulp molding machine price is very competitive.
  • Secondly, you should know that the price of the pulp molding machine is determined according to the quality and the raw materials of the product. As a pulp molding machine manufacturer with more than 10 years experience, there are many other manufacturers whose price is similar to ours but their quality can never catch up with ours on Pinterest.
  • Our products are made to a higher standard. You can visit our factory and check the quality of our equipment on the spot. And since we have exported our pulp moulding machines to countries all over the world, you can check our egg tray machines with our customers.

What Costs Do You Have to Pay in Addition to the Pulp Molding Machine Price?

Besides the purchase cost of the pulp moulding machine itself, you will also be responsible for shipping costs, customs clearance for importing, local shipping costs, and the costs for your production site.

Beston can provide you with the best shipping rates. Different suppliers offer different shipping prices. However, Beston will never ask for a higher price for shipping the pulp molding machine. When choosing a supplier, please check the shipping costs carefully. We offer you one-stop service and guarantee all factory direct prices.

pulp molding machine cost

What Else Can You Get from Beston Machine Besides Reasonable Price?

You Can Get A Super Cost-effective Device.

Our prices are very competitive in this industry, and as mentioned earlier, you can produce a wide variety of products by changing molds, and the quality of the product is guaranteed.

You Can Enjoy the Attentive Service.

We have professional sales team and after-sales team. No matter you encounter any problem during the purchase process, we are ready to solve it. We are fully responsible for the installation of the equipment. And if you need, we can also provide free training of equipment knowledge to your staff.

We have over 30 years of manufacturing experience and our egg tray making machines have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. What’s more, we have gained a stable market in more than 10 countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, etc., which makes it available to provide you with a wealth of information. If you have special requirements for the style and color of the egg tray, we will provide you with customized services.

There are over 500 employees at our factory. Once we confirm the contract, we can immediately put into production, you do not have to worry about delivery and installation. Beston Machinery is located in Henan Province, where there are many famous places and delicacies. Welcome to visit our company and factory at any time.

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Is the Price of Pulp Molding Machine the Lower the Better?

Price is indeed an important factor influencing customers to purchase. But there is no manufacturer will lower price and disrupt the market just for better sales. Many people have told us from personal experience that you get what you pay for.

Pulp molding plant manufacturers also have to consider the cost of production. If you meet a particularly cheap manufacturer, then you must be careful. The quality of the product is likely to be substandard, or there will be many subsequent problems.

The supplier who asks for a high price may have the risk of premium, which causes a mismatch between the price and the quality of the product itself.

Beston pulp molding machine is not only well priced, but also of better quality. We support you to go to the market for comparison. It is definitely a wise choice to cooperate with Beston.

Price of Pulp Molding Machine

If you still have any problems about the pulp molding machine, please contact us directly. We are always ready to solve your problems and answer your questions. I believe that our service will make you satisfied.

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