Philippine Customers Buy BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine

Beston has maintained a good cooperative relationship with Philippine customers. This time I’d like to share the cases of Philippine customers bought BTF1-3 egg tray machine in 2019. I’ll introduce each step in detail, please contact us when you have any problem.

Make Egg Trays in the Philippines
Make Egg Trays in the Philippines

Details About Philippine Customers Cooperated with Beston Group

Step1. Receiving Customers

On 20 April 2019, Beston sales manager arrived at the airport early to wait for Filipino customers. Our sales manager and Filipino customer felt the warmth of each other as soon as they met and took a group photo at the airport.

Philippine Customers and Beston at the Airport

Step2. Visit Beston Factory

The next day, the Beston sales manager accompanied the Philippine customers to visit Beston manufacturing shop of egg tray machine and explained the advantages and characteristics of the equipment in detail. During the interview, Beston answered customers’ questions in a professional and serious manner. The Philippine customers also inspected the egg tray machine to be shipped. In the end, customers are very satisfied with Beston’s high-quality egg tray machine and attentive service.

Philippine Customers Visit Beston Factory

Step3. Singing the Contract

On the afternoon of the same day, Philippine customers communicated with Beston about the model and price of egg tray machine at the office, and finally reached an agreement. Philippine customer confirms purchase contract with Beston. They are satisfied with Beston egg tray machine and service. More importantly, they left precious handwriting about high praise and best wishes.

Philippine Customers and Beston on the Office

Step4. Payment

To show their sincerity, Philippine customers paid $1000 as an intent deposit and prepayment will be arranged as soon as possible after the customer returns to the Philippines. Here you can see some pictures of Philippine customers and Beston Team in the office. On 15 May 2019, Beston received a 30% payment from Philippine customers.

Philippine Customers Paid in Advance

Pay in Advance

Step5. Production and Delivery

Beston factory started production of egg tray making machine according to the contract. After more than 1 month of production and testing, the full set of egg tray machine was successfully delivered to the Philippines on 5th July 2019. To protect the egg tray machine from scratches and bumps, Beston workers did carefully packing and fixing before shipment.

Delivery of Beston Egg Tray Machine
Beston Egg Tray Machine to the Philippines

Step6. Installation

After the egg tray machine arrived in the Philippines successfully, Beston after sales engineers also came to the Philippines on 10 August 2019. It costs about 20 days for Beston engineers and local workers to complete the installation and debugging of egg tray machine. Beston also trained the workers about how to operate the machine and daily maintenance. Ou customers were satisfied with the professional and responsible attitude.

Overview of BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine Installed in the Philippines
Overview of BTF1-3 Egg Tray Machine Installed in the Philippines
Engineers and Local Wokers
Engineers and Local Wokers
Installation Completed Successfully
Installation Completed Successfully
Start Egg Tray Making Business
Start Egg Tray Making Business


Beston Group attaches great importance to the Philippine market. And we have rich experience. If you have some good ideas about making egg trays in the Philippines, please contact Beston now! Whether you want to buy our machine or not, we are happy to communicate with you.

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