Paper Tray Making Machine

Paper tray making machine turns waste paper into valuable pulp molded products. It is widely used for egg tray machines, egg carton machines, egg box making machines, bottle tray machines, coffee cup tray machines, seedling tray making machines and so on.

Paper Tray Making Machine for Sale - Efficient and Cost-Effective
Paper Tray Making Machine for Sale – Efficient and Cost-Effective

Paper tray machine adopts waste cartons, waste books, waste newspaper, old magazines, book leftovers, recycled and used egg trays and other kinds of waste paper as the key raw materials. Mixing the waste paper and water in a ratio of 3 to 1, then a homogeneous pulp is gained. The pulp will be attached to the mold and then go through the demoulding and drying process to get the finished pulp molded products.

This pulp tray machine can produce 24/30pcs egg tray or 6/12pcs egg carton for chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs and other specifications of eggs. Besides, it can also be used for bottle trays, seedling cups, disposable coffee cup trays, fruit trays, shoe stretchers, inner packing of electronic products, fragile parts and other pulp molding products.

Pulp Molded Products from Tray Making Machine
Ppaer Pulp Molded Products from Tray Making Machine

Types of Paper Tray Making Machines for Sale

Beston specializes in paper tray making machines for more than 20 years. Our tray making machine ranges from 800Pcs to 6500Pcs and can meet different needs of customers.


BTF1-3 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF1-3 paper tray making machine has smaller size and lower price compared to other models. The price starts from 8000USD, which is competitive in the same industry. It is an ideal equipment for initial investors and customers with smaller production needs.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 800-1000
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 85
  • Molds: 3


BTF1-4 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF1-4 pulp paper tray making machine contains more molds so that its output also increased. Only 4 to 6 people can finish the whole production line. It’s easy to operate because BTF1-4 is mainly controlled by computer.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 1200-1500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 102
  • Molds: 4


BTF3-4 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF3-4 pulp tray machine possess 4 molds on every 3 side. It has the advantage of low investment and quick return. BTF3-4 pulp tray forming machine takes waste paper as main raw material, so the production cost is economical even sometimes free of charge.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 2000
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 170
  • Molds: 12


BTF4-4 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF4-4 paper tray machine suits medium sized customers most. You can use natural drying or automatic drying according to the output requirements. Natural drying takes a longer time. If you adopt automatic drying, the production efficiency will also be much higher.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 2200-2500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 212
  • Molds: 16

BTF4-8 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF4-8 pulp tray making machine is available for producing all size of egg trays, egg cartons, egg crates. Please contact us to get a one-on-one sales consultant. We will provide you with attentive service and help you select the best machine.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 3500-4500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 298
  • Molds: 32


BTF5-8 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF5-8 tray making machine has reliable performance. Beston has tested millions of times about the equipment operation. Our engineers are constantly improving the technology, which aims to provide a perfect machine for you.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 5000-5500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 425
  • Molds: 40


BTF6-8 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF6-8 pulp tray machine needs 6 to 8 people to complete the whole production. BTF series of products all use Beston self-developed technology. Our equipment stands out in the same industry.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 6000-6500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 520
  • Molds: 48

Target Industries of Pulp Tray Forming Machine

It’s wise for customers in poultry aquaculture, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production industry, printing industry, paper industry, catering industry, electronic manufacturing and other industries choose to invest in Beston pulp tray making machines.

Poultry That Produces Eggs
Poultry Produces Eggs
Eggs in Supermarket
Egg Cartons in Supermarket
Waste Paper Used for Paper Tray Making Machine
Turn Waste Paper to Paper Trays

Best-selling Paper Pulp Tray Machines in Beston

Beston paper tray forming machine can be used to produce so many pulp molded products. While recent years the sales of egg tray making machines have been on the increasing trend. The egg trays and egg cartons are in great demand in the market. What’s more, paper egg trays have been a product recommended by many environmental protection organizations.

If you are primary to this industry or a supplier of eggs, you can choose the egg tray manufacturing machine. Think back, you can see egg trays everywhere in your life. Pulp egg trays or egg cartons help you to protect eggs from damage and make them look more beautiful so that you can deal with the high price of eggs. Investing in an egg tray plant will create considerable revenue for you.

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine For Sale
Beston Egg Tray Making Machine For Sale
Egg Tray Maker
Egg Tray Maker
Paper Tray Making Machine for Egg Carton
Egg Carton Plant From Beston

Custom Design Items of Pulp Tray Making Machine

Since the end products can be simply changed by the molds, Beston provides custom design service. Our designers will communicate with you in advance and provide the most suitable machine for you.

Natural Drying or Automatic Drying

Natural dryer machine requires large space and high temperatures. It’s easily affected by the weather. Automatic drying divides into brick drying or multi-layer drying. Brick drying is single-designed and needs a self-built site. Muti-layer drying covers a small area and has good appearance. Automatic egg tray making machine is not affected by the weather and easy to operate.

Natural Drying Machine
Natural Drying Machine
Brick Drying System With Conveyor Belt
Brick Drying System With Conveyor Belt
Automatic Multi-layer Drying System
Automatic Multi-layer Drying System

Plastic Molds or Aluminium Molds

Generally, plastic egg tray molds are relatively cheap and you can change them regularly. It has one year guarantee and you can use plastic molds for more than two years. Aluminum molds have better corrosion resistance and you can use them continuously for at least three years. It has two-year guarantee.

Plastic Mold for Pulp Tray
Plastic Mold for Pulp Tray
Aluminium Paper Tray Mold of Paper Tray Making Machine
Aluminium Paper Tray Mold

Characters of Finished Products

You can add additives to the production process in order to increase the waterproofing and moisture resistance of the trays. Besides, coloring can be added to produce molded pulp trays with your preferred color.

products from paper tray machine

What Separates Beston Paper Tray Making Machine From Others?

Reasonable Paper Tray Making Machine Price

Beston paper egg tray making machine price is very competitive in the same industry. We have our own technology research and development team, large factory, professional sales team and after-sales team, which can provide you with a one-stop service. You don’t need to spend extra money in the whole process.

High Efficiency

Due to the high degree of automation, our products use less human resources, which not only saves labor costs, but also allows you to produce large quantities of products in a short period of time.

This machine is computer-controlled and can reach zero error during operation. After dozens of upgrades and improvements, the energy consumption rate of the machine is also reduced to the minimum. It is really a product with considerable economic benefits.

Beston Paper Tray Making Machine
Beston Paper Tray Making Machine for Eggs

Energy Saving

Our drying system has undergone dozens of technical upgrades and has reached the most energy-saving effect in the same industry. The vacuum part adopts Beston self-developed spiral pressurization technology, which can achieve the highest vacuum pressure with minimum power. Engineers have made protective measures at all the equipment connections, which can greatly extend the service life of the equipment and make the operation of the equipment more stable. It can also reach zero error in operation. In spite of this, our scientific and technical staff is still researching and working to create the most satisfactory products for our customers.

Rational Space Design

Whichever paper tray machine you choose, Beston designer will arrange the layout of the site for you. It aims to take up less space under the premise of safe production. In many places, space rent fee is not cheap. The consideration service is one of the reasons why Beston has been received so well.

paper tray making machine design
Latest Paper Tray Making Machine Design by Beston Group

Various Types

There are different pulp tray forming machines available for your choice, with different drying methods, molds, capacities and models. You can choose the machine according to your capital requirements, production needs and space requirements. We are confident to offer you the best tray making machines here.

Eco Friendly

Beston egg tray machine is very environmentally conscious from the start of the raw material used to the end of the entire paper pulp manufacturing process.

Many countries are facing the problem of waste paper and Beston tray forming machine can solve the problem. What’s more, the entire production process is mainly a physical reaction. No environmentally polluting substances are produced.

Considerate After-sales Service

We provide free commissioning and installation services for our customers, and we can also train your staff on the equipment so that they can better use the pulp egg tray machine. We are always available to answer any questions you may have after you purchase the egg tray machine equipment. More importantly, We support flexible guidance both online and offline. If you are our regular customer, you can enjoy a big discount when you buy other products or accessories.

Considerate After-sales Service of Paper Tray Making Machine

How to Start Paper Tray Machine Business

  • First you need to do market research and study how the local market is for the product you want to produce. If this work is difficult for you, you can turn to Beston for help. We have more than 20 years of export experience and many excellent salespeople. They know most of the markets around the world. We are pleased to solve the problems for you.
  • Next, consider which type of equipment you need to buy. As mentioned above there are different drying methods, automatic degrees and various accessories, we offer you a wide range of options. Tell us the production requirements and your budget, and we will always find the best equipment for you.
  • Consider the production site and the staff. One person cannot complete the production. Even though most of our paper tray equipment is computer-controlled, you will need to find 2-3 additional employees to assist you in your production.
  • Choosing a reliable manufacturer is the key point. Beston brand is well received by our partners in the pulp molding industry. We have gained stable markets in more than 50+ countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, etc. A large scale factory covers 15000 m2 can assure you of fast delivery and installation. Our pulp tray machine has passed ISO certification, you can rest assured to buy. Blogs of Beston can be seen on  Pixnet.
Beston Company and Customers to Buy Paper Tray Making Machine
Beston Company and Customers

We will start production as soon as we receive your order and will ship within 45 business days. If your machine is specially customized, the shipping lead time will be extended to 60 business days. As for the installation cycle, a paper tray machine without drying system can be installed in 25 working days, while the machine with drying system needs 45 working days commonly.

paper pulp tray making machine

Overall, buying a machine for producing paper trays and related products can be quite a highly profitable business opportunity provided you make a thought out strategic business plan.

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