Nursery Tray Making Machine

Nursery tray making machine can be obtained just by changing the molds of the pulp molding machine. Customers in the agriculture and planting industry should consider investing in this machine.

Beston Nursery Tray Making Machine
Beston Nursery Tray Making Machine

Advantages of Nursery Trays Today

With the issuance of the global ban on plastics, pulp products are becoming more and more common in people’s lives.

Traditional plastic nursery trays have poor air permeability and need to be cleaned manually after the seedlings are grown, otherwise it will pollute the soil and affect the subsequent yield. Plastic seedling trays are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also cause a lot of follow-up troubles.

The paper nursery trayis made of paper pulp, which is completely non-toxic, non-polluting, and can reach 100% degradation. Since the seedling tray needs to be in direct contact with the soil, these characteristics are crucial. After these molded pulp trays are recycled, they can still be used as raw materials for seedling trays and continue to be put into production.

The seeds are evenly spread in the nursery trays to ensure the regularity of emergence and the consistency of the growth direction. The use of nursery trays facilitates centralized management and can improve work efficiency. Reduce the situation of reduced production due to seed distortion.

In addition, the seedling roots will not be damaged when transplanting with the nursery tray, and the survival rate can reach almost 100%.

Pulp Nursery Tray
Paper Pulp Nursery Tray
Nursery Trays With 12 Holes
Nursery Trays With 12 Holes
Biodegradable Nursery Tray
Biodegradable Nursery Tray

Why You Should Choose Nursery Tray Making Machine from Beston?

Simple Operation

The raw materials of the nursery cup are only waste paper and water. You only need to put these materials into the tray production machine in proportion to get the exquisite nursery tray. The whole nursery tray manufacturing process is easy and fast. And the raw materials can be obtained at low prices. This pulp molding equipment also embodies the environmental protection philosophy that Beston has always adhered to.

Better Effect

In the process of producing pulp nursery trays, Beston supports you to add some additives. And the pulp nursery tray has better absorbability. If you add some nutrients, the seeds will grow very quickly. If you add something to prevent pests and diseases, the growth of seeds will not be affected by pests and weeds. The use of pulp seedling trays can also keep the seeds neat and prevent uneven distribution.

Save Time and Effort

With the development of technology, Beston has also produced fully automatic nursery tray machines. This equipment is almost controlled by a computer and can be produced with only a few laborers. It can save 30%-60% off labor costs. What’s more, this nursery tray making machine realizes zero error. It can ensure stable operation and save a great number of maintenance fees.

Multiple Uses

In addition to the nursery trays, you can also produce egg trays/cartons/boxes, apple trays, coffee cup trays and many other products with the same machinery. The only thing you need to do is to change the molds. This equipment with multiple applications can help you make a profit as well as expand your business scope easily. If you have the idea of making pulp packagings with waste paper, please contact us immediately.


Egg Tray Making Machine in Beston
Egg Tray Making Machine
Egg Box Making Machine from Beston
Egg Box Making Machine
Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine of Beston
Coffee Cup Tray Making Machine

Nursery Tray Making Machine Price

Beston nursery tray making machine price is as low as 8000 USD.

Generally speaking, the molded pulp packaging machinery with high output, high degree of automation, and more advanced functions will be more expensive. The following shows you the nursery tray machine sold by Beston, please choose according to your needs.

Beston has a large-scale factory and rigorously trained staff, which guarantees the quality of the nursery tray machine while providing you with a fair price. And our sales team has a bachelor’s degree certificate, proficient in multiple languages, and can communicate with customers around the world without barriers.

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

Choose A Suitable Nursery Tray Making Machine

As you can see from the above table, Beston has developed different products for customers with different needs. You can choose the right nursery tray machine according to the following aspects:

Different Output

The output of Beston paper tray making machine ranges from 800 to 6500 pcs/h. If you are operating a small nursery, a nursery tray making machine with 1000 to 2000 pcs/h is able to meet your requirements. If you are a supplier of nursery trays, a larger one is better.

Different Drying Methods

For the treatment of the wet nursery trays, you can dry it naturally or automatically. Automatic drying is divided into brick drying and multi-layer metal drying.

  • Natural drying needs to meet the conditions of year-round high temperatures. This drying method is easily affected by the weather, and the drying efficiency is unstable. Customers whose output requirements are below 2000pcs/h can use natural drying.
  • Brick drying requires you to hire workers to send the wet nursery trays into the drying room through a conveyor belt, and customers need to build the space required for drying by themselves. This drying method is generally a single-layer design, which covers a large area. It can achieve a better drying effect and is not affected by the weather.
  • Multi-layer metal drying can save drying space and heat evenly, which can achieve a good drying effect. In addition, the main furnace made of metal has a thermal insulation effect, which can save you fuel. Multi-layer metal drying adopts fully automatic design and requires very little labor. The entire drying process only takes about 25 minutes.

Choosing the drying line according to the output is only our suggestion. You can consider the local labor costs, weather conditions, fuel costs and land rent. If you are a new customer in this industry, don’t worry, Beston designers will customize the most efficient nursery tray production program for you. Please leave a message here to tell us your situation, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Natural Drying of Nursery Trays
Natural Drying Under the Sun
Brick Drying of Nursery Trays
Construction of Brick Drying System
Multi-layer Drying of Nursery Tray
Multi-layer Metal Drying System

Reliable Nursery Tray Manufacturers

The nursery tray machine is one of the products in the Beston pulp molding series. As a well-known supplier in the international community, our products and services are highly praised by customers.

All the equipment has passed strict tests before leaving the factory to ensure that the nursery tray machine is normal before being shipped to the customer. More importantly, after the seedling tray machine arrives at the destination, Beston arranges engineers to install it on-site, including commissioning and personnel training. Despite the current severe epidemic situation, Beston specially launched an online guidance service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Beston. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and provide solutions. Here are more videos about Beston installation and test on YouTube.

If you want to invest in a nursery tray making machine, please contact Beston immediately.

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