Is Beston Egg Tray Machine Profitable?

Many successful cases have proved that Beston egg tray making machine is indeed profitable! In the past 10 years, Beston exported hundreds of egg tray machines overseas. Here we’ll introduce this profitable egg tray manufacturing business from the real situation of the market, and you can find a detailed ROI analysis.

Introduction of Beston Egg Tray Machine

Beston egg tray machine refers to making all kinds of egg trays with just waste paper and water.

Put enough raw materials in the egg tray production line, after a few minutes, you can get hundreds of pulp egg trays! So this business is efficient and you can get return in a short period.

Besides, you can find the investment on raw materials is relatively small. This creates more profit margins for your egg tray manufacturing business.

Beston Egg Tray Machine with High Profits
Beston Egg Tray Machine with High Profits

High-Valued Egg Trays Decide This Business is Profitable

All countries regard eggs as an important source of protein supplementation. The market dictates a high demand for egg trays. Although this is just a paper egg tray, its role in the transportation and storage of eggs cannot be ignored. After investigation and conclusion, egg tray business operators generally believe that egg tray has the following advantages:

  • The egg tray comes from waste paper, which is completely degradable under natural conditions and conforms to the concept of green development;
  • Used paper trays can be recycled as raw materials for next production;
  • The paper egg tray is a one-piece structure, soft and tough, which can effectively prevent shock and collision, and reduce egg damage;
  • Pulp egg trays can prevent bacterial contamination and infectious diseases to a certain extent;
  • Pulp egg tray has good air permeability and moisture-proof function, which is very important for egg storage;
  • It is easy to add water repellent or paint to change the characteristics of the egg tray;

Broad Target Customers Bring More Profits for You

The most important point of sale for eggs on trays is the food service industry, besides that you can also produce a wide range of pulp packaging products using the same machine by changing the mold method. Currently, we have many customers using this machine in the following industries:

  • Make egg trays to satisfy your own farm;
  • Sell egg trays/egg boxes to surrounding farms/supermarkets/restaurants, etc.;
  • Make fruit trays to transport apples, oranges and other vegetables;
  • Manufacture of coffee cup trays to meet the needs of the food delivery industry;
  • Manufacture electronic packaging products to save shipping costs;
  • Manufacture nursery cups/pots to meet gardening needs;
  • Make masks to provide children with a wonderful childhood;
  • Create bottle holders to avoid shipping losses;

ROI of Beston Egg Tray Machine

Put In

Egg production businesses and large farms require precise financial and production planning, such as how much you will spend storing and shipping eggs. Buying egg trays may face the problem of slow arrival or out of stock. Self-sufficient egg tray production line can fully control when and how many egg trays are produced. The output of Beston egg tray machine covers a wide range, from 800pcs/h-7000pcs/h. For paper egg trays, whether they are used by themselves or sold, they are high-yielding businesses in the long run.

Capital varies from person to person because different people have different abilities. It also depends on how prepared someone is. When starting an egg tray manufacturing business, you need to know roughly how many egg trays you want to make per hour. Of course, we also support you to start small and move on to a large-scale egg supply business. There is no business that does not require capital. No matter what business you do, there is always a minimum capital, and the egg supply business is no exception. To run this business effectively, at least 10,000 USD is required.


The profit of the egg tray manufacturing business is generally above 20-25%. If the business is doing well, it may be even higher. As we have introduced above, you can contact Beston for customized molds to produce different types of paper egg trays/egg boxes or even other shapes of pulp packaging products. This is the best way to expand your business scope at the lowest cost, and maybe you will get a windfall.

Aside from the profit, you get from selling egg trays, using waste paper to make something useful is inherently good for the environment. We learned that some local governments have policies and regulations that for every ton of waste paper processed, enterprises can get corresponding subsidies and tax incentives. Overall, egg tray manufacturing business can bring you high profits. And Beston provides you with full support.

Valuable Egg Trays on the Market
Valuable Egg Trays on the Market

Take BTF5-8 Egg Tray Machine in Europe As an Example

No matter how much truth you hear, it is not as convincing as actual cases. Here we take the operation status of BTF5-8 automatic egg tray machine in Europe as an example to provide you with a detailed cost reference. Egg tray manufacturing in Europe can create amazingly more than 1 million USD per year!

Of course, if you want to know what the revenue is in your region, Beston is happy to assist you in generating an economic profit analysis table for egg tray manufacturing.

Return on Investment of BTF5-8 Egg Tray Production Project
InstructionAccording to the market data of European market, the estimated ROI report, the varous expenses are as follows:
Fixed Investment CostItemDetailsUnitUnit Price/USDQuantityAmount/USDTotal AmountRemark
EquipmentBTF5-8Set150, 500.001.00150, 500.00
TransportationFrom China to Destination PortSet44, 000.001.0044, 000.00
From Port to SiteSet1, 600.001.001, 600.00
Custom Tax15%Set29, 175.001.002, 9175.00
InstallationBeston Technican's SalaryDay350.00
5, 250.00
Round-trip Air TicketsEa2, 500.002.00
5, 000.00
Local WelderDay120.00
4, 800.00
Local PlumberDay120.00
4, 800.00
Local LaborDay108.00
6, 480.00
Crane ForkliftDay160.00
1, 600.00
MaterialsInstallation Materials ReadySet2, 000.000.00 2, 000.00Foundation, pipe, etc.
License/Ea0.00 0.00 0.00 Environmental, firefighting, etc.
Workshop1000.00 380.00 1000.00 38, 0000.00Rent in rural area
US$: 635,555.00
Opretating CostRaw MaterialsWaste PaperTon0.00 9.560.00 22.5 hours per day working
FuelNatural Gas0.371485.00 549.45
Labor/People108.00 4.00 432.00
Maintenance/Day5.00 1.00
Depreciation8 YearsDay264.811.00
US$: 1, 469.53
End Product PriceEgg Trays5000 pieces per hourPieces0.05
112, 50.005, 625.00
US$: 5, 625.00
Daily IncomeUS$: 4, 155.47
Monthly IncomeWorking DayDay25.00
US$: 103, 886.83
Yearly IncomeWorking DayDay300.00
US$: 1, 246, 642.01

Recent Beston Egg Tray Machine Cases

In the past years, Beston Group exported egg tray machines to many countries and regions. More importantly, most of our customers give positive feedback. Here you can see recent cases of Beston egg tray machines. Click to learn more about every case or subscribe to our Instagram.

Start Your Egg Tray Making Business

As the world’s leading egg tray machine supplier, Beston Group provides full support for those customers who want to start egg tray manufacturing business, including solution consulting, egg tray machine production, transportation and installation. In addition to this, you can also get additional technical support documents and training on the operation and maintenance of the egg tray machine. Believe that Beston will be your best partner.

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