Installation of BTF3-4 Egg Tray Equipment in India

As farms expand, more and more people are using Beston egg tray machines in India. In 2021, BTF3-4 egg tray machine with brick drying system was successfully installed in India. This project took the Indian customer’s business to the next level.

Beston BTF3-4 Egg Tray Equipment with Brick Drying System in India
Beston BTF3-4 Egg Tray Equipment with Brick Drying System in India

Introduction of BTF3-4 Egg Tray Equipment in India

  • Model: BTF3-4;
  • Side: 4;
  • Molds: 12;
  • Origion: China;
  • Destination: India;
  • Drying System: Brick Drying System.

The customer learned about the Beston egg tray machine from the Internet and got in touch with Beston. After communication, we learned that the customer has a large demand for egg trays. At this time, a BTF3-4 egg tray production line can help him. The customer is very satisfied with the solution we provide.

When Beston manufacturing the egg tray machine, the customer built the brick drying room locally. When the complete egg tray production line arrives in India, the customer can start production after simple installation. Here you can see that the pulp chest, forming machines and conveyor belts etc. have been installed.

Pulp Beater in India
Pulp Beater
Vacuum Pump in India
Vacuum Pump
Brick Drying System in India
Brick Drying Room
Conveyor Belt in India
Conveyor Belt

How Do Indian Customers Evaluate This Cooperation?

My egg tray making project has been getting a lot of orders since I started, which is the most effective encouragement for me. Looking back on the cooperation process with Beston now, everything went very smoothly, which was unexpected to me. I originally thought that there would be many accidents in cross-border cooperation, but now it seems that these worries are unnecessary. After our egg tray machine was installed, Beston also followed up the experience responsibly. As a leader in this industry, Beston Group really lives up to its reputation!

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