How Many Egg Trays Can I Get from 1 Ton of Waste Paper?

You can get more than 12, 000 pieces of egg trays from 1 ton of waste paper!

This figure is obtained by Beston engineers in combination with the actual production situation of customers. The egg tray process costs about 1-12 hours, which is determined by the machine you choose. Here you can see the table about final egg trays and consumed waste paper:

Capacity (pieces/h)800-10001200-150020002200-25003500-45005000-55006000-6500
Paper Consumption (kg/h)85102170212298425520

With 1 Ton of Waste Paper, What Else Can I Do?

Modern egg tray manufacturing business is flexible. Investors can change the molds and make different shapes of paper packaging, which can expand their business scope at a low cost. Here are common types for your reference:

  • egg carton
  • egg box
  • egg crate
  • coffee cup tray
  • apple tray
  • fruit tray
  • industrial package
  • shoe support
  • seedling cup

Pulp Products That You Can Get From Beston Egg Tray Making Machine

It’s a good choice to make egg trays from waste paper. You will find the production cost is low while the return is high. And this business is continuously growing because of the high demand all over the world. Generally, investors put an egg tray production line to make egg trays for their own farms or provide egg trays for surrounding poultry farms. Also, you can cooperated with supermarkets, egg retailers, orchard owners, restaurant owners, etc.

It’s the best time to start your egg tray business. Leave a message here and let us offer an egg package solution for you.

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