How Long Does It Take From Buying an Egg Tray Machine to Installing It?

From buying an egg tray machine to installation, you’ll experience production, delivery and installation. It takes 45-60 working days for production and delivery and 25-45 working days for installation. In other words, it takes at least 70 working days from buying an egg tray machine to installation. Next, I will introduce you to the details of Beston Group stocking and installation.

Buy and Install Your Egg Tray Machine
Buy and Install Your Egg Tray Machine

Why the Delivery and Installation Time Varies?

Due to the different needs of customers, the production and installation cycle of the egg tray machine will vary. Some customers may need higher configuration or customized machine. Here is further explanation of the delivery and installation time.

Production and Delivery Cycle

  • Standard egg tray machine: within 45 working days;
  • Customized egg tray machine: within 60 working days;

Installation Cycle

  • Natural drying system; within 25 working days;
  • Brick/metal drying system: within 45 working days.

What Happens in Production Stage?

Once you sign the contract with Beston, the factory will immediately start production according to the requirements. During this period, Beston delivery team will update you about the production progress every Monday. Beston egg tray machine factory has more than 500 skilled employees, so efficient production can be guaranteed. When the egg tray machine is shipped to your area, the delivery team will send delivery pictures and videos for you as soon as possible.

Before shipment, the Beston project manager will provide you with technical support documents, including circuit diagrams, etc., so that you can prepare the production site as early as possible and start the egg tray manufacturing business as early as possible.

Beston Technical Documentation Support for Egg Tray Machine
Beston Technical Documents for Egg Tray Machine

Besides, Beston quality control department will strictly control the quality of the egg tray machine, and carefully check every detail before leaving the factory. Of course, we are confident to support customers to come to the factory for inspection or invite third-party authoritative organizations to inspect.

Beston Egg Tray Machines in the Factory

What Happens in Installation Stage?

Beston provides flexible installation methods, including online and offline. At present, many customers choose online installation guidance, because this installation method is not limited by time and space. When installing online, Beston after-sales team will solve problems encountered by customers through group chats, videos, texts, etc.

In the End

In general, Beston will provide sufficient support from the buying of Beston egg tray machine to installation. And once the egg tray machine arrives in your area, it can be used after simple installation. Contact us to quickly start your egg tray manufacturing business!

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