How Long Do Eggs Last? – Storage Tips for Eggs

Eggs are an important source of protein for people. In daily life, it is necessary to master how to store fresh eggs. Eggs rarely spoil if handled and stored properly, and egg trays are a great way to store them. Take a look at these egg storage tips to help you understand how to properly store eggs and extend their shelf life.

For Better Egg Storage
For Better Egg Storage

Best Ways to Storate Eggs

1. Dry fresh eggs and place them in the refrigerator freezer, taking care that they are not too wet and that there are no water stains on top of the eggs. Eggs stored in the refrigerator should not be moved repeatedly.

2. Dry the rice bran in the sun, then leave it to cool. Prepare a metal bucket, lay a layer of sun-dried rice bran on the bottom, put the eggs, lay a layer of rice bran on a flat surface, and so on, and then put the put eggs into a cool, ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight.

3. The eggs will be covered with small droplets of water at room temperature after being removed from the refrigerator. The bacteria and microorganisms in the small droplets will quickly penetrate through the eggshell to the inner layer of the egg, so consume them immediately.

Storage Eggs in Different Temperate

Normal Temperature Storage

At room temperature, you’d better place your eggs in a pulp tray to prevent bumps. You can see that there are many holes in the egg tray, and each hole can hold an egg. Each egg is separated and the pulp is soft to avoid egg damage.

Refrigerator Storage

To store eggs in the refrigerator, you’d better use a pulp egg tray or egg carton for packaging. Because the pulp egg tray has good water absorption and moisture resistance, and the pulp egg tray can prevent the eggs from absorbing air temperature from other foods in the refrigerator. In addition to this, pulp egg trays allow you to label the number and date of eggs, which can avoid eating spoiled eggs.

Do you have another good ways to storage fresh eggs? Welcome to communicate with us!

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