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Feedback of Hot Press Machine Operated in Saudi Arabia

Beston received feedback videos about hot press machine operated in Saudi Arabia on December 7, 2021. They customized a hot press machine for coffee cup trays about 3 months ago. After hot pressing, the surface of the pulp coffee cup holder will change from rough to smooth and beautiful. Such coffee cup holders are more popular in the market.

Pulp Coffee Cup Holder Tray

Operation Video of Hot Press Machine in Saudi Arabia

As you can see from the video, Beston hot press machine has a computer control system. The temperature, speed, time and other factors of the hot pressing can be set freely. Entire hot pressing process can be completed in just a few seconds. It is worth mentioning that the mold on the hot press can be replaced. In other words, you can use this hot press machine to process other molded pulp products, such as egg trays/boxes/cartons/crates, fruit trays, shoe supports, etc. These products can be sold at a better price after hot pressing! Of course, Beston also provides customized services, including the size and shape of the mold!

Feedback of Saudi Arabia Customers

After using it for a period of time, customers in Saudi Arabia told us: “We have been looking for an efficient and favorable hot press machine. I have been using this machine for more than two months, its operation is very stable and easy to operate. Our business is getting better… I am very satisfied. Thank you again, Beston.

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