Egg Tray Production Line

The egg tray production machine has been used in the industry for many years. With its good protective performance and low price, egg tray production line has become an ideal product for packaging eggs and fruit products. Next, I will introduce you to the professional and comprehensive egg tray production line.

Eggs Tray Production Line
Egg Tray Production Line

What Steps and Processes Are to Produce an Egg Tray?

Raw Materials

Before starting egg tray production, you need to prepare enough raw materials: waste paper and water. Waste paper includes waste cartons, waste books, waste newspaper, old magazine, book leftovers, recycled and used egg trays and other kinds of waste paper can be put into production. The other is 3 times water. In addition, 3 times more water than waste paper is needed for each production.

Pulping System – Mix Waste Paper and Water into Pulp

To produce high-quality egg trays, the composition of the pulp is critical. First of all, we must remove the debris in the waste paper to ensure the fiber composition of the pulp. Under the action of a hydraulic pulper, waste paper and water will be stirred for nearly 40 minutes. Then the uniform and fine pulp are stored in the supply pump.

If a customer wants to go to a high-end egg tray manufacturing plant, Beston provides a pulp refine system that can process a variety of waste paper and create a more detailed pulp to produce high-quality egg trays.

Pulping System for Egg Tray Production Line
Pulping System
Pulping System Installed in India for Egg Tray Production Line
Pulping System Installed in India
Mix Waste Paper And Water for Egg Tray Production Line
Mix Waste Paper And Water

Molding System – Mold the Shape of Egg Trays

The pulp supply pump transfers the pulp to the forming mold, and then the vacuum system will firmly adsorb the pulp on the mold and remove part of the water (excess water will be stored for subsequent production). This part is the key to determining the shape of the egg tray. The most common style is an egg tray with 24/30 eggs or an egg box with 6/12 eggs. When you want to change the shape of the product, you only need to change the mold of the molding machine part. We support customized molds, you can contact Beston designers to provide you with free customized services.

Plastic And Aluminium Molds

Plastic and aluminum egg tray moulds are available in Beston. Each plastic mold has a one-year warranty period. Its service life is about 3-5 years. When you buy an egg tray machine, Beston offers the plastic mold for free. Each aluminum mold has a two-year warranty period, and the service life is about 5-8 years (specifically, it needs to be determined according to the customer’s usage). The aluminum mold has good corrosion resistance and can be customized according to the different needs of customers. Contact Beston Designer now to get free customized services!

Plastic And Aluminium Molds for Egg Tray Production Line
Plastic And Aluminium Molds
6 Egg Tray Molds for Egg Tray Production Line
6 Egg Tray Molds
30 Egg Tray Molds for Egg Tray Production Line
30 Egg Tray Molds

Drying System – Dry Egg Trays Through High Temperature

The formed egg tray still has too much water, you need to use high temperature to evaporate the water.There are 3 drying methods available in Beston. You can choose according to your condition.

Natural Drying

  • Recommended output less than 2,000 paper trays per hour;
  • Suitable for areas with high temperature all year round;
  • Limited by weather;
  • When the temperature is 30 degrees, the drying process takes about 6-7 hours; when the temperature is 38-40 degrees, the drying time takes about 4-5 hours.
Pallets for Egg Tray Production Line
Pallets for Natural Drying
Natural Drying for Egg Tray Production Line
Natural Drying System

Brick Drying

  • Recommended output more than 2500 pieces per hour;
  • Better drying effect , not affected by the weather;
  • Build the drying site by customers;
  • Covers a relatively large area;
  • Drying process takes about 20 minutes;
  • Available burn raw materials: coal, natural gas, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.
Conveyor Belt for Egg Tray Production Line
Conveyor Belt
Brick Drying for Egg Tray Production Line
Brick Drying System

Multi-layer Metal Drying

  • Can be equipped with any model;
  • Multi-layer design, small footprint;
  • Add heat preservation function, save fuel and cost;
  • Drying process takes about 25 minutes;
  • Available burn raw materials: LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas, etc.
Integrated Metal Drying for Egg Tray Production Line
Integrated Metal Drying
Multi layer Metal Drying for Egg Tray Production Line
Multi layer Metal Drying System

Packaging System – Put Egg Trays in Order

After drying the egg tray, you can use a hot press machine to make the surface of the egg tray smoother. In addition, we provide a packing machine to pack batches of egg trays. It also has technical functions. Generally speaking, Beston egg tray production line has a high degree of automation, which can save you a lot of labor costs. And you can flexibly choose the parts of the accessories you need. There are many wonderful egg tray machine videos on YouTube.

Egg Tray Production Line – 7 Modes for Reference

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

Is Beston Egg Tray Production Line Profitable?

Yes! Beston egg tray production line is definitely a profitable investment. After continuous upgrading, the Beston egg tray production line can achieve a good effect of saving resources and reducing production costs.


A full set of egg tray production line price is from $8,000. (Price provided here are for reference only. The specific price will change according to the equipment model, the choice of accessories and local conditions.)

In addition, you should also consider the cost of raw materials, water and electricity consumption in production, labor costs, profit of end products, and so on. You can refer to the table below and consider egg tray making machine cost based on your actual situation.

Here we simply made a cost-effective analysis. This report takes BTF4-4 egg tray production line in Namibia as an example. Suppose this machine works 22.5 hours a day.

  • Paper: 185kg/h, unit price in Namibia is 0.18 usd/kg, total cost 749.25 USD;
  • Water: 360kg/h, unit price in Namibia is 0.68 usd/kg, total cost 5508 USD;
  • Electric: 80 kw/h, unit price in Namibia is 0.14 usd/kw, total cost 252 USD;
  • Labor: 5 workers per shift, unit price in Namibia is 9.5usd/h, total cost 1068.75 USD.

Total cost is about 7578usd/d.


Egg tray price in Namibia is 0.23usd/d. The production can reach 56250pcs/d. So the gross profit is 12937.5USD/d.

Long-term earnings are considerable:

  • Net profit per day: 12937.5 usd – 7578 usd = 5359.5 usd;
  • Net profit per month: 5359.5 usd × 30 days = 160,785 usd;
  • Net profit per year: 160,785 usd × 12 months = 1,929,420 usd.
BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine to Peru
BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine to Peru
Profitable Egg Tray Production Line to Nigeria
Profitable Egg Tray Production Line to Nigeria
2500pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line to Ghana
2500pcs/h Egg Tray Production Line to Ghana

Delivery and Installation Cycle for Egg Tray Production Line

Beston has a large-scale factory of 15000+ square meters and 500+ outstanding employees. We will deliver the goods by the contract. Generally speaking, the standard egg tray machine will be delivered within 45 working days. If you buy a customized pulp packaging machine, the delivery will be completed within 60 working days.

Beston after-sales service is very considerate. We are responsible for the installation and guidance service for you. The egg tray machine without drying system (natural drying) can be installed in just 25 working days. The installation time of the egg tray machine with drying system (brick drying, multi-layer metal drying) takes 45 working days.

The specific installation and delivery time is subject to local conditions. You can contact Beston to provide you with specific information.

How to Start Egg Tray Production Line?

Do Market Research

Before starting the production of egg trays, it is necessary to conduct a detailed investigation of the raw materials, water and electricity conditions, and the sales channels of the end products. Only in this way can we ensure that the egg tray production line maximizes profits. Our Beston sales team has more than 20 years of experience in the export of egg tray machines. We have a good grasp of market conditions in many countries. Please contact Beston immediately for more information.

Prepare Raw Materials

The production of egg trays must ensure that the raw materials are sufficient. The price of waste paper has always been very low. Your raw material costs will not be too expensive. You can contact the waste paper supplier, or you can prepare the raw materials yourself.

Find Reliable Egg Tray Machine Supplier

The key to egg tray production is the egg tray forming machine. Why are customers from so many countries willing to choose Beston as a reliable egg tray plant suppliers? In addition to rich experience, the quality of the Beston egg tray machine is also superior. This equipment not only passed ISO international certification but also made innovations in technology. Beston has its own R&D team and has obtained a national patent license, so you can buy it with confidence.

Sign Contract

After the two parties have determined their intentions, the contract can be signed, which is a guarantee for the rights and interests of both parties. Beston guarantees production in accordance with the contract and will deliver the goods within the specified date.

Install Egg Production Line

When the equipment arrives in your area, Engineers of Beston Henan Machinery provide you with installation and testing services. Every engineer is strictly selected. They have professional knowledge and bachelor’s degree. So they can communicate with clients from multiple countries without barriers.

Start Egg Tray Production

After the equipment is installed, you can produce egg trays as required. Whether it is the quality of the egg tray machine or our service, you will be satisfied. At present, we have helped customers in many countries to successfully carry out egg tray production.

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