Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

The egg tray manufacturing machine designed by Beston Group has become more and more popular in the international market. Why do so many customers choose Beston? Because Beston will provide you with the latest and most reasonable egg tray manufacturing machine price, advanced production technology and process, as well as detailed free business plan. We are trying our best to meet every client’s requirement.

Beston Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine
Beston Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine – Cost-Effective and High-Efficiency

Models of Beston Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

Different Tpypes of Beston Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Manual Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant

  • 800pcs to 1500pcs egg trays per hour;
  • Small occupied space and easy to operate;
  • Computer controlled and low error rate;
  • Affordable, suitable for small and initial investment.

Manual Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine for Sale

Manual Egg Tray Manufacturing Equipment

Manual Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant

Semi Automatic Egg Tray Manufacturing Equipment

  • 1500pcs to 2500pcs egg trays per hour;
  • Cheaper than fully automatic egg tray production line;
  • More effective than manual egg tray machine;
  • Suitable for medium-scale investors.

Semi Automatic Egg Tray Plant

Semi Automatic Pulp Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine to Armenia

Semi Automatic Paper Tray Forming Machine

Fully Automatic Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Machcine

  • 3500pcs to 6500pcs egg trays per hour;
  • High degree of automation, save labor cost;
  • Beautiful design, save space;
  • High production efficiency and automated operation.

Fully Automatic Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine
Automatic Design Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant
Automatic Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Equipment

Egg Tray Manufacturing Process

Pulping system. Put water and waste paper into the hydraulic pulper in the ratio of 3:1 for 40 minutes’ mixing. Then you can get the homogeneous pulp. This is the most essential material for making paper egg containers.

Forming system. Stirred pulp will be adsorbed to the molding mold. At this stage, excess water will be adsorbed to the sewage pump for storage. Waste water can put into the next production. After the forming machine mold adsorbs the pulp, the product is formed.

Drying system. There are 3 kinds of drying methods available for your choice. Customers can choose AMONG natural drying, brick drying, and metal drying according to the budget, capacity and local conditions. With the drying machine, water in the wet tray will be evaporated by means of high temperature, So that the egg cartons can be used normally.

Packaging System. This is generally optional. The packaging machine can help you pack the produced egg trays. If you are short of manpower, the qualification will be a good assistant. With the help of package machine, the egg trays and egg cartons can go to the market faster.

Here you can watch the full video about manufacturing paper egg trays.

The whole process is operated by computer and requires only a small amount of labor. In addition to the above-mentioned equipment, Beston has many accessories for you to choose from. They make paper pulp manufacturing process easier.

Beston egg tray manufacturing plant runs smoothly and with almost zero error rate. Contact us and start producing egg trays now!

Drying Methods for Paper Egg tray Manufacturing Process

Since there exist many different situations with customers from all over the world, Beston offers two drying methods that customers can choose from depending on their needs.

Brick egg tray drying: this way needs civil construction, single-storey building and large floor space. It is suitable for customers whose output demand is above 2500 pieces per hour. This drying method is not affected by the weather, and the drying effect of egg trays or egg boxes is excellent. Transporting the wet tray to dry tray takes about 20 minutes. The heat source can be coal-fired, natural gas, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and other combustion liquids and gases.

Self-built Brick Drying System
Self-built Brick Drying System
Beston Brick Drying System
Brick Drying System

Multi-layer metal drying: it’s automatic drying, and this drying method is not affected by the weather. It needs a small footprint and no civil construction. The metal egg tray dryer has a beautiful appearance, good insulation effect, good drying effect of egg tray and can be installed easily. By using metal drying, the wet tray to dry tray takes about 25 minutes. The heat source can be LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas, etc.

Manufacturing Egg Trays With Multi-layer Drying System
Manufacturing Egg Trays With Multi-layer Drying System
Beston Multi-layer Designed Egg Tray Manufacturing Mahcine
Beston Multi-layer Designed Egg Tray Manufacturing Mahcine

Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Price

Beston egg tray manufacturing machine price starts from 8000USD.

Note: The price is for reference only. The exact egg tray manufacturing machine price will be determined according to your needs.

We offer paper tray manufacturing equipment with very competitive prices in the same industry. In addition to affordable prices, you can also get high quality products. Our paper pulp egg tray manufacturing machine adopts many exclusive developed technologies, which not only save you energy consumption and reduce the production cost, but also create more profit.

Beston Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine for Sale
Beston Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine for Sale
Loaded Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant
Loaded Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant
Paper Tray Manufacturing Machine
Paper Tray Manufacturing Machine

How Can Egg Tray Manufacturing Plant Benefit You

Protect the Environment

Manufacturing egg trays can help solve the problem of waste paper. The whole production process is mainly a physical reaction that does not produce harmful substances. The paper trays are degradable and can be put into production again.

Economic Benefits

Beston offers the most competitive paper moulding machine price in the same industry. Low price of raw materials, the price of waste paper is already cheap and still on a downward trend, and some places can get raw materials for free. From these two aspects, the cost of your production is greatly reduced. And with the high productivity of Beston’s egg tray manufacturing machine for sale, you can pay back your money very quickly.

Turn Waste Paper to Paper Trays

Energy Saving

Beston equipment adopts our exclusive developed technology that can achieve the most ideal pressure effect with the least power. The drying system has been upgraded dozens of times and has reached the most energy-saving effect in the same industry.

Government Subsidies

Many countries support environmental projects, and the project can be supported by the government and many environmental organizations when it is started.

Easy to Operate

Most of the equipment is computerized. It requires little manual labor and high efficiency. Beston paper tray machine has been tested in multiple locations and can achieve a zero-failure rate.

Easy to Operate Egg Tray Manufacturing Equipment
Easy to Operate Egg Tray Manufacturing Equipment
Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Machinery
Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Machinery

Good Product Effect

Due to the good drying effect and the high quality of the egg tray mold, the products produced have a standard weight and shape. Paper trays produced by Beston egg tray forming machine enjoys high market recognition.

Multiple Use

The shape of the product is determined by the mold, so you can get paper egg crates, bottle trays, seedling cups, disposable coffee cup trays, fruit trays, shoe stretchers, inner packing of electronic products, fragile parts and other pulp molding products by simply changing the mold. This can also expand your business scope.

Why Choose From Beston

As one of the top egg tray making machine suppliers in China, Beston Group has the following advantages.


Beston has a specialized team of research, design, engineering, production, sales, exporting and installation. We will satisfy you with the whole pre-sales, on-sales and after-sales service. Take the sales team for example, we assign you a one-to-one sales consultant. He will first know about your basic situation and then recommend the right equipment for you. Most of the sales consultants have many years of experience in exporting. They know the whole process of exporting very well. If you don’t know how start an egg tray machine business, they will provide you with guidance based on their experience.

Beston Professional After-sales Team
Beston Professional After-sales Team


Beston always upholds the principle of customer first. We are always trying to meet the needs of our customers and create a win-win situation.

You can enjoy high quality after-sales service. We provide free commissioning and installation services for our customers, and we can also train your staff on the equipment so that they can better use the pulp egg tray machine. We are always available to answer any questions both online and offline.

Beston and Customers All Over the World
Beston and Customers All Over the World

High Reputation

In the past decades, Beston has exported and installed paper tray forming machines to more than 100 countries and regions, including Algeria, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Hungary, Dominica, Egypt, Kazakhstan, India, etc. More importantly, all of these customers are very satisfied with our products and services.

We have a large-scale egg tray factory and many experienced technicians which make us confident to guarantee fast delivery and fast installation. It is also because we have always insisted on making high quality products, our efforts and products are well received by the industry and enjoy a high reputation.

Welcome to visit our company and factory at any time.

Delivery and Installation Cycle of Egg Tray Making Machine

If there are no special requirements, we will ship within 45 working days as agreed. Egg tray making machine that requires customization will be sent out within 60 working days.

Before purchasing you need to consider what collocation of paper tray manufacturing machine you need. Without drying system, it will be installed within 25 working days; with drying system, it will generally be installed within 45 working days.

Pulp Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine for Delivery
Pulp Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine for Delivery

Egg Tray Manufacturing Business Plan

There exists consistent and continuously growing demand for eggs that also presents a business chance for egg tray manufacturing business. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make an investment, then egg tray manufacturing plant is an excellent way to start your own business.

Tips You Need to Comsider When Starting Egg Tray Manufacturing Business


You better know in your mind how many egg trays you need to produce per hour. This determines what kind of egg tray machine you need to buy. Producing in a hurry will probably affect your next plan. If you are not sure, it’s okay, just leave a message below and we will have a sales consultant to guide you through the prep work.

1000 PCS Egg Carton Making Machine
1000 PCS Egg Carton Making Machine
2500 PCS Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine
2500 PCS Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine
5500 PCS Egg Tray Manufacturing Equipment
5500 PCS Egg Tray Manufacturing Equipment


Identify a suitable piece of land to set up your factory, store raw materials, carry out production and store the produced egg trays. Therefore, select the location carefully and make sure that the site has sufficient electricity, water and labor to enable your production facility to run smoothly.


Every step in production is cost-prohibitive. Just starting production may cost you a lot of money. But you don’t have to worry too much, Beston’s egg tray making machine costs little and is very efficient and will help you get your money back in no time.

Manufacturing plant

The quality of the egg tray equipment directly affects the quality of the products produced. Beston’s equipment is ISO certified, so egg tray manufacturing units can buy with confidence.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Design
Egg Tray Manufacturing Design

Accessibility to power and water

The production process of egg tray is inseparable from electricity and water, make sure your production place is convenient with water and electricity. Beston’s egg tray machine adopts our self-developed automatic pressure adjustment system, which can achieve a small set of power to achieve the best vacuum pressure. And the wastewater produced in the production can also be put into the subsequent production.

To summarize, an egg tray manufacturing business has great significance to create your personal business at the relatively inexpensive. You can refer to these suggestions to prepare your own egg tray manufacturing business plan on Facebook.

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