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Egg Tray Making Machines in Ghana

Beston egg tray machines are very popular in Ghana. This machine is able to help you produce paper egg trays and egg boxes with just waste paper and water in Ghana.

Egg Tray Making Machine to Ghana
Egg Tray Making Machine to Ghana

Current Situation of Egg Tray Making Machines in Ghana

Beston pulp tray making machines have the best sales in the farming industry in Ghana. Because the egg packaging products produced by this equipment can protect the eggs from collision and squeeze. In addition, the production of egg trays comes with many characteristics. You can add various additives during production to enhance a certain function of the egg tray. For example, you can produce antibacterial, moisture-resistant, and corrosion-resistant egg trays to protect eggs from bacteria and extend the storage time of eggs.

Last year we sold the BTF1-3 egg tray machine to Ghana. This equipment can produce at least 1,500 pieces of paper egg trays per hour. Our customer is developing a small chicken farm in Ghana. Beston egg tray machine can just meet the customer’s demand for egg trays.

BTF1-3 Egg Tray Making Machine to Ghana
BTF1-3 Egg Tray Making Machine to Ghana
Loading Egg Tray Machine to Ghana
Loading Egg Tray Machine to Ghana

Egg Tray Machine for Sale in Ghana

In addition to your own farm use, of course you can also develop egg tray production business and sell egg trays throughout Ghana and even around the world.

Here are the egg tray machine and egg carton machine models we provide to Ghanaian customers. You can choose the right equipment according to your needs. If you don’t know how to choose, please contact us immediately. We are pleased to recommend the most suitable machine for you

Model BTF1-3 BTF1-4 BTF3-4 BTF4-4 BTF4-8 BTF5-8 BTF6-8
Capacity (pieces/h) 800-1000 1200-1500 2000 2200-2500 3500-4500 5000-5500 6000-6500
Forming Mould Quantity 3 4 12 16 32 40 48
Total Power (kw) 38 45.5 53.7 82 127 161 223
Electricity Consumption (kw/h) 26.6 31.85 37.59 57.4 89 113 156
Labor Force 3-5 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 5-7 6-8
Material Consumption (kg/h) Paper 85 102 170 212 298 425 520
Water 255 306 510 636 1147 1275 1560
Fuel Consumption Coal (kg) 50 60 83 104 125 208 208
Natural Gas (m3) 22-32 26-36 37-47 46-56 56-66 92-103 92-103
Diesel (kg) 18-28 22-32 30-40 38-48 46-56 77-87 77-87

Egg Tray Making Machine Price in Ghana

Beston egg tray making machine price in Ghana starts from 8,000 USD.

This price is only an estimated value. Specific prices will be determined according to the model you choose. Contact Beston now and get a free quotation!

Beston Designed Egg Tray Machine to Ghana
Beston Designed Egg Tray Machine to Ghana

Beston egg tray machine has the advantage of low investment and quick returns. The price of our egg tray machine is very competitive in the market. One thing you need to pay attention to when choosing egg tray machines in Ghana is that cheap egg tray machines are not of high quality and the later maintenance costs are very expensive. Our equipment has passed ISO international certification, you can trust our quality. Even for accessories, we also use well-known domestic brands. And our equipment runs very smoothly. It can almost realize zero error, which greatly saves you follow-up maintenance costs. You can enjoy our latest energy-saving technology at the same price. We have prepared more information about egg tray machine for your reference.

Superiority of Investing in Egg Tray Equipment in Ghana

The demand for egg trays has been continuously growing. Ghana agriculture and aquaculture are developing very well. We have been doing market research and found that the demand for egg trays in Ghana has been in short supply in recent years. In this case, a lot of profit can be obtained from the production of egg trays.

Egg Tray in Ghana

Egg Carton in Ghana

The production conditions of egg tray machines in Ghana are excellent. The operation of the egg tray production machine is actually very simple. Waste paper and water are mixed into pulp and adsorbed on the mold. Finally the trays are dried and formed. Ghana has abundant water resources and high temperature all year round, which provides favorable conditions for egg tray drying and manufacturing. Compared to other regions, operating egg trays in Ghana can save a lot of production costs.

Improve the development of tourism in Ghana. Ghana is a very beautiful country and rich in tourism resources. The waste paper problem caused by tourists or local residents needs to be resolved. Our egg tray machine is actually a pulp molding machine, you can use waste paper to produce different pulp molded products by changing the mold. We provide customized molds for customers in Ghana. You can use our equipment to produce masks, mannequins and other products and reprocess them. The exquisite handicrafts with Ghanaian characteristics are very popular with tourists and can greatly promote the development of tourism.

Cooperate With Beston to Develop Egg Tray Business in Ghana

Professional And Experienced

Beston Group has more than 20 years of export experience. Our equipment has been sold to more than 50 countries and regions including Algeria, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Hungary, Dominica, Egypt, Kazakhstan, India, etc. The Beston brand enjoys a good reputation in the market. Our customers have given us high praise.

Beston Egg Tray Machine for Sale in Armenia
Beston Egg Tray Machine for Sale in Armenia
Beston Egg Tray Machine for Sale in Botswana
Beston Egg Tray Machine for Sale in Botswana
Beston Egg Trays Machine Shipped to Romania
Beston Egg Trays Machine Shipped to Romania
Beston Egg Tray Plant to Guatemala
Beston Egg Tray Plant to Guatemala
Beston Egg Carton Machine in Spain
Beston Egg Carton Machine in Spain
Beston Eggs Tray Machine Ready to Peru
Beston Eggs Tray Machine Ready to Peru

Better Service

If you want to start the egg tray business in Ghana, please leave a message on the website or communicate your ideas with us. Our sales consultants have rich export experience and can provide you with professional guidance. Accompanying the Chinese egg tray machine is our one-stop service. Before transportation, we will check the operation of each part of the equipment at the factory to ensure that you are in good condition when you receive the egg tray machine. After the egg tray manufacturing machine arrives at your address, our engineers are responsible for the installation and testing services of the equipment. In addition, we also provide free training to your staff to ensure that your egg tray machine can run safely and smoothly.

The Installation And Delivery Cycle

The installation cycle of Beston egg tray making machine in Ghana is 25 working days for the machine without egg tray drying system. It takes 45 working days to install an egg tray making machine with drying system.

We send egg tray making machine to Ghana in 45 working days if you book ordinary standard equipment. While the delivery cycle is 60 working days if you need custom design.

Specific installation and delivery cycles should be determined by local conditions. You can contact us for the latest information.

Delivery and Installation of Beston Egg Tray Machine
Delivery and Installation of Beston Egg Tray Machine

It is a wise choice to invest in an egg tray machine in Ghana. Please contact us immediately to provide you with a perfect egg tray production plan. We look forward to getting in touch with you and will reply within 8 hours.

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