Egg Tray Dryer Machine

When talking about egg tray making machine, the egg tray dryer machine cannot be ignored. It plays an important role in the whole pulp molding system, and has a very important effect on the quality and yield of egg trays. Here, we will give you a detailed introduction to the egg tray drying methods and machines. Follow us.

Paper Egg Tray Making Machine
Paper Egg Tray Making Machine

Introduction to Three Egg Tray Drying Machines

Natural Egg Tray Dryer Machine

You need to manually put the egg tray on the shelves or on the ground to dry the trays in the sun. This drying method requires higher temperature and is easily affected by the weather. Also, natural drying needs a larger site area to place so many egg trays. When the temperature is at 30 degrees, it takes about 6-7h to dry wet trays; when the temperature is at 38-40 degrees, the drying process spends about 4-5 hours. This drying method is suitable for customers whose output demand is below 2000 pieces per hour.

Natural Drying System
Natural Drying System
Natural Drying Line
Natural Drying Line


  • Low price and low cost. The price of natural egg tray dryer machine is relatively low. And because more work needs to be done manually, this machine is more energy-efficient.
  • Low risk. It’s suitable for people who are new to this industry, which means the cost of trial and error is relatively low. Customers with small production requirements can consider Beston manual egg tray machine first.
  • Suitable for high temperatures regions. Since natural drying requires high temperature to ensure the drying quality of egg trays, it will be convenient to produce in high temperature areas.

Brick Egg Tray Dryer Machine

This drying method requires customers to build their own sites. It is not affected by the weather. It takes about 20 minutes to transfer wet trays to dry trays. Brick drying is suitable for customers whose output demand is above 2500 pieces per hour.

Brick Drying System
Brick Drying System
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt
Brick Dryer Machine
Brick Dryer Machine


  • Good drying effect. Brick drying is also a kind of automatic drying, which can control the temperature manually, so the product drying effect is better.
  • Easy to operate. This drying method for the egg trays or egg crate transmits the end product with the help of conveyor belt, which can save the labor cost. The transmission chain is made of heavy-duty transmission chain, and the life span is more than several times compared with other chains.
  • Environmentally friendly. The heat source can be coal-fired, natural gas, diesel, LPG and other combustion liquids and gases.

Metal Egg Tray Dryer Machine

Customers do not need civil construction. This drying method is automatic drying and is not affected by the weather. Turning wet tray to dry tray takes about 25 minutes.

Metal Egg Tray Dryer Machine
Metal Egg Tray Dryer Machine


  • Beautiful shape. Our metal egg tray drying design is multi-layer. The Beston egg tray dryer is an economically efficient machine that uses automatic stacking technology to produce more product in a smaller footprint.
  • Easy to operate. Beston egg tray dryer line is mainly operated by computer, which is easy to transport, install and operate.
  • Good insulation effect. Beston‘s metal egg tray drying system has been upgraded dozens of times and has reached an effect that others can hardly surpass. The main machine part is made of high quality insulation material, which can reduce heat loss during drying.
  • Good egg tray drying effect. This drying method can make the heat evenly distributed in the egg tray dryer, so that the quality of the egg tray produced will be higher.
  • Environmental protection. The heat source can adopt LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas, etc.

How to Pick the Suitable Egg Tray Dryer Machine

Confirm the Output

The output requirement of the paper trays determines the egg tray dryer model you need. Choosing a good egg tray drying machine can help you achieve save a lot time and effort.

Consult Other People’s Opinions

In case of uncertainty, you can ask for references from the same industry to provide more guidance. Experienced people can help you figure out whether the equipment you pick is right for you. They can also provide advice your career development. Their suggestions are very valuable.


The service quality of a company determines its development status. When the difference between quality and price is not big, consumers definitely prefer to cooperate with the company with better service.

Beston provides you with the most considerate pre-sale and after-sales service. We can offer you the richest information on the industry before you buy, and can also provide you with guidance on business development plan. There will be an assistant to follow up the entire purchase process, who is always ready to help you solve problems. After the purchase, our engineers provide free installation and commissioning services, and can also train your staff on the products so that you can put into production more quickly.

Choose a Reliable Manufacturer

The more generous the conditions, the cheaper the price. You should consider more about the quality of the equipment. The most important thing to consider is whether this manufacturer is suspected of fraud. Of course you’d better go to the manufacturer for a field trip to avoid being cheated.

It is best to choose a manufacturer whose products have passed the quality certification so that you can ensure that the technology and quality of the equipment you buy are up to standard.

Energy consumption

It is important to know that egg tray drying equipment needs to consume a lot of fuel. Considering the long-term development and economic benefits of the enterprise, you must adopt energy-saving equipment to reduce the problem of energy consumption in production. Beston egg tray drying machine has become the most energy-saving product in the same industry after continuous technical upgrading by our engineers. Beston uses clean energy as heat sources, which does no harm to the environment and realizes social benefits.

Know About the Market Information

You need to conduct market demand research in advance. The quality of the product will be affected by many aspects. Only products that meet the development of the market can be greatly valued. If you really think about the actual situation and identify the factors that affect sales, you will find that you can improve the quality of your products Follow us on FB.

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