Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report

Every customer who wants to develop the egg tray business needs to conduct the egg tray making machine project report first. Doing a detailed egg tray plant project report is vital to reduce unnecessary losses for you and make egg tray production go more smoothly.

Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report

The Purpose of Beston Egg Tray Machine

The global annual consumption of paper is large, but the recycling rate is not high. In order to improve the global environment and benefit investors, Beston has developed an egg tray machine that can recycle waste paper.

The egg tray production machine can convert waste paper and water into various pulp molded products like paper egg trays, egg cartons or egg boxes.

Egg Tray Machine Recycling Waste Paper in Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report
Egg Tray Machine Recycling Waste Paper

Egg Tray Manufacturing Project Report

Raw Materials

Waste paper boxes, waste books, waste newspapers, waste paper boxes, book scraps, recycled egg trays and used egg trays, and other kinds of waste paper.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Report

Step 1: pulping. Put the waste paper and water into the pulping machine to make a uniform pulp. This process is equivalent to recycling waste paper. This is the first step towards turning them into egg trays.

Step 2: molding. The evenly mixed pulp will be transported to the forming machine, and different styles of egg trays can be produced through different molds. In this process, the pulp will be adsorbed on the mold by vacuum pressure to shake off the moisture.

Step 3: drying. The wet egg tray evaporates the excess water through high temperature, thereby producing a stronger egg tray. Beston provides brick drying, metal drying and other egg tray dryer machines for customers to choose according to their own conditions.

Step 4: packing. This is the process of taking out, packing, and pressing the egg tray into shape. Beston egg tray packing machine is easy to transport and handle,  so that the waste is able to realize their rebirth value.

Final Products

Because pulp has strong moldability, you only need to replace the mold in the forming machine to get a variety of pulp molded products such as egg trays, egg boxes, fruit trays, bottle trays, seedling cups, disposable coffee cup trays, fruit trays, paper masks, shoe stretchers, inner packing of electronic products, fragile parts and other pulp moulded products.

The paper packaging tray has a certain thickness, which can well protect the eggs from damage during handling. For fruit products, paper fruit trays also have good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance to extend the storage time of the fruits. Paper packages are very popular in the market.

Beston egg tray machine has many functions, which is definitely a worthwhile investment. If you want to communicate with us for more details, please leave a message here.

Final Products of Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report

Cost-benefit Analysis of Egg Tray Machine

Beston provides egg tray manufacturing plants with an output ranging from 800 pcs to 6,500 pcs per hour for customers to choose from.

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

These analyses are for reference only. If you want to know the profitability of investing in egg tray machines in your area, please tell us your situation and we will do a free cost-benefit analysis for you.

Core Techonology of Beston Egg Tray Equipment

  • High-consistency pulping system can automatically adjust the pulp concentration and supports a variety of additives.
  • The gear segmentation technology of the egg tray molding machine can achieve zero error in the operation of whole workig process.
  • The conections of the egg tray machine have been sealed intact and completely eliminating the possibility of water ingress.
  • The vacuum part adopts double vacuum spiral pressure independently developed by Beston Company, which can reach the highest vacuum pressure with the least power.
  • Vacuum pressure can be automatically adjusted to save production resources.
  • Drying equipment has been improved several times, achieving energy-saving effects that are difficult to surpass in the industry.
  • The conveyor chain adopts a heavy-duty transmission chain, which has a service life several times higher than other chains in the market.
  • The egg tray machine is designed reasonably, which can effectively take use of save space and production efficiency.
Egg Tray Machine With Core Techonology
Egg Tray Machine With Core Techonology
Beston High-tech Egg Tray Machines for Sale
Beston High-tech Egg Tray Machines for Sale
Beston Egg Tray Maker Machine For Sale
Beston Egg Tray Maker Machine For Sale

What This Paper Egg Tray Manufacturing Project Report Wants to Tell You

Refer to the egg tray making project report to understand the entire process and precautions of the egg tray business. You can see the Beston blog on many platforms. We have been providing customers with wealth of market information and hope you all find out suitable business plan.
Determine the raw materials. The raw material determines the quality of the egg tray. If you can get high-quality and cheap waste paper in your area, please contact us as soon as possible to start the egg tray production business.
Choose the right egg tray machine model. One of Beston advantages is that we provide a wide range of equipment models that can meet different needs of most customers. More importantly, we accept your better ideas and are very happy to communicate with you in depth. We provide free egg carton maker customization services.
Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report
Beston Egg Tray Making Machine For Sale
Investigate the factory of the egg tray machine. In order to avoid those unreliable suppliers, you’d better conduct on-site inspections after communication. Beston has a factory about 15,000 square meters and more than 500 employees. Welcome to visit Beston factory at any time. Considering the inconvenience of travel due to the epidemic, you can also choose to visit the factory online, and we will provide you with one-to-one service.
Confirm the after-sales service before deciding to buy. Large equipment such as egg tray machines require considerable and responsible after-sales service. Beston provides one-stop service and lifetime warranty for customers all over the world. When the equipment arrives at the destination, our engineers are responsible for the installation and commissioning of the egg box making machine. If you encounter problems during use, you can contact us at any time. Our after-sales consultant service is online 24 hours and will solve the problems for you as soon as possible.
Beston Professional After-sales Team
Beston Professional After-sales Team

Factors Affecting the Quality of Egg Trays

The raw material is the primary factor that determines the quality of the egg trays. Beston provides you with advanced technology, which is undoubtedly. However, if there is no good raw materials, no good quality egg tray will be produced. If you want to produce high-quality egg trays, the raw materials should be white cardboard, such as PCS white cardboard, or corrugated cardboard boxes with relatively strong fibers. The purity of these raw materials is relatively high and can make egg trays with moderate hardness. After reading this egg tray making machine project report you’ll realize the first thing to consider is the problem of raw paper. You can also browse Beston website to get more information.

The control of the production process should be critical. The production process of egg trays includes a series of links such as raw material procurement, pulping, grinding, slurry matching, slurry supply, forming, dehydration, drying, transportation, overall packaging, storage and transportation. Every detail cannot be sloppy, and someone is responsible for the quality of every link. If a worker makes a mistake in a certain link, it will cause unnecessary waste, which will directly affect the quality and cost control of the egg tray. Beston’s egg tray machine is highly automated, and most of the process is computer controlled, which can save you labor costs. And we can guarantee zero error in the production process and support your production to the utmost extent.

Layout of Egg Tray Manufacturing in Egg Tray Making Machine Project Report
Layout of Egg Tray Manufacturing

Improve the professional skills of employees and build an active production team. If your company want to become a leader in the industry, only good quality is not enough. You need to motivate the enthusiasm of employees under the premise of ensuring quality and improve production efficiency. Beston provides free training on egg tray machine equipment for your employees so that you can have a professional egg tray production team.

Significance of Egg Tray Machine for Environmental Protection

The biggest advantage of the egg tray machine is that it can recycle waste paper. This production method solves the problem of waste paper and allows these wastes to find its value again. And the used egg trays can still be recycled and used as raw materials to produce new egg trays for manytimes. Pulp egg trays are biodegradable and will not pollute the environment even if they are thrown away directly.

The production and process of China egg tray machine is mainly a physical reaction. Only a small amount of chemical materials are added as waterproofing agents. After the products are dried, these chemical materials are basically retained in the finished product, and no discharge causes environmental pollution.

Pulp molded products have a wide range of applications. With the advancement of paper mold technology, plastic packaging products can basically be replaced by paper molded packages. After the egg tray is added with a special process, it has good waterproof and oil-proof performance and can completely replace plastic packaging products. With the increasing acceptance of paper egg tray making machine project report, plastic egg trays will gradually be replaced. Thereby effectively eliminating “white pollution”.

Customers Choose Egg Tray Machine To Improve Local Environment
Customers Choose Egg Tray Machine To Improve Local Environment

The above is the paper egg tray making machine project report. If you want to have an in-depth communication with us, please contact us immediately. We are happy to cooperate with customers who are engaged in egg tray business.

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