Egg Tray Making Machine in India

Due to the growing demand for eggs and egg trays, egg tray making machine in India are becoming more widespread. More importantly, Beston egg tray machine can only use waste paper and water to produce egg trays! This is exciting for Indian customers because it will greatly reduce the cost of raw materials. Besides, Beston has helped Indian customers successfully develop egg tray manufacturing business many times. Our sales consultant has a deep understanding of the local market. Beston brand has been praised by many Indian customers!

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine in India - Cost-effective and Profitable
Beston Egg Tray Making Machine in India – Cost-effective and Profitable

Why Should You Invest in an Egg Tray Machine in India?

Market Advantage

It is understood that eggs are indispensable in Indian households, they are a key ingredient for nutritional supplements. Therefore, a large amount of egg trays are consumed every year. Pulp egg trays are cheaper than other materials and have better packaging effects and moisture-proof effects. Pulp egg trays have better sales in the market.

Cost Advantage

Beston paper tray machine takes all kinds of waste paper as the main raw material. In India, you can get waste paper at a very cheap price or even free of charge. This means you can save costs on raw materials! Beston has also upgraded the egg tray machine. This upgrade increases the power saving effect and is especially suitable for use in India.

Clime Advantage

The manufacturing process of egg trays requires high temperature drying. The temperature in most parts of India is relatively high, which is of great help to the drying of egg trays. Based on experience, many Indian customers choose natural drying or brick drying systems, which can save drying costs.

Freight Advantage

Beston egg tray machines are shipped from China. Due to the recent surge in ocean freight, many customers believe that too much money is spent on freight. However, the distance between India and China is relatively short, and compared with other countries and regions, it costs less freight.

Cost-effective Egg Tray Machine in India
Profitable Egg Tray Manufacturing in India
Efficient Egg Tray Machine in India

Egg Tray Making Machine Price in India

Beston paper egg tray making machine price in India starts from 8000USD. (The price is for reference only. Leave a message on our website and you can get the latest price list in India!)

Egg trays and egg cartons have a great demand in the Indian market. Egg retailers, egg producers in the poultry industry can get an egg tray machine to protect their eggs and make eggs easier to transport. When packaged in paper egg containers, the eggs look more beautiful so that you can sell them at a higher price. Beston provides paper tray forming machines with the capacity from 800pcs to 6500pcs. You can choose according to your needs.

Is Beston Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Price High?

Actually, we offer a competitive price in the same industry. We can do a contrast.

Other machines with lower prices can not achieve as good quality as ours. Because Beston has its own technology research and development team. Here you can enjoy the exclusive technology. The vacuum pump of the egg tray machine adopts the double vacuum screw pressurization system developed by our company, which can reach the highest vacuum pressure with minimum power. In addition, the egg tray dryer machine has been upgraded dozens of times and has reached the most energy-saving effect in the same industry. All these technologies aim to save production costs for our Indian customers. Not only that, most of our machines are computer-controlled. The degree of automation is so high that only a few employees can complete the whole production. It can help you save labor costs.

Other advanced machines have not as reasonable price as ours. Beston egg tray machine technology is very mature, but our engineers are still insisting on developing more perfect machines. Besides, we have a large-scale factory, which saves our storage costs and labor costs. You don’t need to pay anything else in the process of purchase, we guarantee to give you all the factory direct price.

To sum up, Beston can provide you with good quality and low price egg tray machines in India, and you can enjoy the unsurpassed technology in the same industry. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us now.

A Full Set of Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale at Affordable Price in India
A Full Set of Egg Tray Making Machine for Sale at Affordable Price in India

Steps for Starting Egg Tray Production Business in India

Know basic information on the Internet

You can search on the internet to get a large amount of information. The official website is a good place to understand the company and its equipment. Beston has its own website and often posts blogs on site123.com. You can gain rich knowledge about pulp molding machinery in India.

Choose suitable manufacturers

After that, you’d better know the models of paper egg tray making machine in India you want. The most direct way is to consider the output. Beston offers manual, semi automatic and fully automatic designed egg tray plants for sale in India. They are suitable for customers with different output requirements. When it comes to freshmen in this industry or whose output is about 2000pcs per hour, the manual egg tray making machine will benefit him a lot. Semi-automatic is designed for medium-sized investors. This kind of machine has good performance in production efficiency. And fully automatic egg tray making machine in India is easy to operate and saves time and energy.

Get in touch with the sales consultant

If you still don’t know which equipment to choose, please leave a message on our website and tell us your needs. We will provide you with one-on-one service. With over 20 years of export experience, Beston has exported to more than 50 countries and religions. We also have a good understanding of the international market. We will be sure to provide you with the most satisfactory equipment. For customers with special needs, we also provide customized services. Our designers will communicate with you and design a paper pulp molding machine that suits you the most.

Sign the contract

As soon as the contract signed, we will put into production immediately. We have a large scale factory of 15,000 square meters and have more than 500 employees. You don’t have to worry about delivery and installation, we will deliver within 45 working days, or within 60 working days if your equipment is specially customized. Beston is a reliable egg tray machine manufacturer in India.

Enjoy after-sales service

Of course, we also provide excellent after-sales service. If you buy a pulp egg tray making machine in India without a drying system, the installation will be finished in 25 working days. While it will extend to 45 working days if you buy an egg tray manufacturing machine with a drying system. Beston engineers are responsible for the commissioning and installation of the machine, and can also provide free training to your staff so that they can learn more about the egg tray machine. It aims to help you start production as soon as possible.

BTF3-4 Egg Tray Making Machine with Brick Drying System in India
BTF3-4 Egg Tray Making Machine with Brick Drying System in India

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine Successful Installed in India
Overview of BTF3-4 in India
Egg Tray Machine with Brick Drying System in India

Top Egg Tray Making Machine Manufacturers in India – Beston

Perhaps many customers would pick local egg tray plant suppliers in India, because it’s closer or easier to maintain.

But as one of the leading pulp moulding machine manufacturers in India, Beston can assure you of one-stop service. From the initial selection of the equipment to the final installation service of the equipment, you can do it all at Beston. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

Besides, Beston egg tray machine in India does not require high maintenance costs. Because our engineers have tested the machines millions of times. They are always aiming to achieve a stable operation and zero failure rate. We have also made waterproof and corrosion resistant on equipment connections , which can greatly extend the service life of egg trays manufacturing machines in India.

More importantly, Beston has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with Indian customers. We will pay a return visit to Indian customers every year to ensure that customers have a good after-sales experience. If you want more information about using Beston egg tray machines in India, please contact us immediately!

Once you have any problems, please contact us immediately, we will solve them within 24 hours. And we support flexible guidance methods both online and offline, so you can solve the problem faster.

Beston Has Won Many Awards
Beston Has Won Many Awards
Sales Team
Sales Team
After-sales Team
After-sales Team

Tips When Using Egg Tray Plant in India

Indian egg tray machinery and equipment in the daily use of the operation process must develop strict operational requirements to ensure that all operators can correctly operate the use, so as to improve the production efficiency of the egg tray machinery and equipment as much as possible, to avoid the wrong operation to affect the life of the egg tray machinery and equipment.

Raw Material

The raw material of the pulp egg tray is waste paper, which must be properly cleaned when processing, so as not to process impurities such as wire, twine, earth and other impurities together with the waste paper, otherwise it will affect the quality of the produced egg tray.

Auxiliary Agent

The pulp egg tray needs to have certain characteristics under certain conditions, such as moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, etc., so you can add the appropriate auxiliary agents as needed. You can also add some paint to change the color of the egg tray. By doing this you make egg trays more practical and popular.


Egg tray mold is the key to the production of egg tray,  and the mold must be handled carefully. After a period of time, you can use the cleaning machine to wash egg tray molding machine, which aims to ensure that the surface of the mold is clean. By doing that the egg tray can be made more standard.

Investing in an egg tray making machine in India can bring you substantial profits. If you’re interested in our equipment, please contact us or leave a message directly.

Advantages of Egg Tray Making Machines in Some Indian Cities

In Kolkata

Kolkata is India’s main commercial center. The price of egg tray machines is very fair in Kolkata. More importantly, Beston egg tray machines have outstanding advantages in view of the problems of Kolkata’s wastewater and power outages.

First of all, the waste water generated by the egg tray machine during the production process will be stored in a special storage tank and put into subsequent production, which will not cause waste of water resources at all. Secondly, Beston applies exclusive energy-saving technology in the drying system, pressure system and other parts, which can achieve the best results with the least power. These technologies are rare in other suppliers, and even if they can be found, they are very expensive. Beston increases preferential prices and the latest technology for Kolkata customers!

Egg Tray Machine in Kolkata

In Haryana

The economic strength of the city-state of Haryana is very strong in India. And the central government of the region strongly supports investment to create job opportunities for local residents.

Beston egg tray machines are available in automatic, semi-automatic and fully automatic models. If you want to solve the employment problem, Beston manual egg tray machine is a good choice. In addition to the egg tray manufacturing process, you can also hire several employees to collect and sort, transport and sell egg trays to various places in India.

Egg Tray Machine in In Haryana

In Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Higher temperatures are more suitable for drying egg trays. The egg tray machine can save a lot of drying costs in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. The natural climate helps them a lot. Coimbatore Tamil Nadu is an industrially developed area in India and one of the main grain-producing areas. There is a great demand for egg trays and other types of pulp packaging products, including electronic product packaging boxes, fruit trays, shoe supports, seedling cups and so on. Beston pulp molding machine is widely used in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, you only need to change the mold to use the same machine to produce different products.

Egg Tray Machine in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

In Punjab

Punjab has a large population and well-developed water resources. The demand for eggs and egg packaging products has been continuously increasing in Punjab. As a leading manufacturer of egg tray machines in Punjab, Beston can provide convenient and fast egg tray machines. There is a lot of rain in Punjab. You can choose brick drying or metal drying to improve work efficiency.
We have successfully installed egg tray machines in many cities in India. If you want to learn more about each project, please contact Beston for more information!

Egg Tray Machine in Punjab

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