Egg Tray Making Machine in Botswana

Egg tray machines have a very good market in Botswana. Because this egg tray maker can only use waste paper and water to produce useful egg trays, egg boxes and other egg packaging products. Customers demand for egg tray making machine in Botswana continues to grow, which has also contributed to the close and friendly cooperative relationship between us and Botswana customers.

Egg Tray Making Machine for sale in Botswana
Egg Tray Making Machine for sale in Botswana
Egg Tray Machine in Botswana
Egg Tray Machine in Botswana

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine in Botswana

Currently, Beston already has many cases in Botswana.

  • In September 2020, the BTF1-4 egg carton machine was successfully shipped to Botswana,
  • At the end of October 2020, Botswana customers chose our BTF3-4 egg tray machine.
  • In June 2021, we shipped the BTF4-4 egg tray machine to Botswana.

This is our case of pulp egg tray making machines shipped to Botswana in the past two years. If you want to know more details, please leave a message directly on this page, and our sales consultant will contact you later.

How Does Egg Tray Making Machine Work in Botswana

Raw Materials

As environmentally friendly production equipment, Beston egg crate machine only uses water and waste paper as raw materials. The available waste paper includes waste cardboard, old books, old magazines, used egg trays and so on. These raw materials are available at very low prices and sometimes free of charge in Botswana.

Collected Waste Newspaper for Egg Tray Production in Botswana
Waste Boxes to Produce Egg Cartons In Botswana
Various Waste Material for Egg Tray Manufacturing in Botswana

Production Process

In essence, the egg tray machine is also a paper pulp moulding machine. You need to put waste paper and water into the beating tank at a ratio of 3:1. After 40 minutes of high-concentration mixing, you can get a uniform pulp. What determines the shape of the finished product is the part of the egg tray forming machine, where the egg tray is formed and then sent to the drying system to evaporate the water, and a beautiful and practical egg tray can be obtained.

Overall Design of Beston Egg Tray Production Line
Overall Design of Beston Egg Tray Production Line

Final Products

Generally speaking, egg trays and egg box products are the most hot-sale products in Botswana. If you want to expand your business scope, you can produce fruit trays, coffee trays, etc. by simply changing the mold. According to Beston’s investigation, the fruit tray machine is also a rising investment project.

Final Products of Egg Tray Making Machine in Botswana
Final Products of Egg Tray Making Machine in Botswana

Cost of Egg Tray Making Machine in Botswana

Generally speaking, Beston egg tray machine price in Botswana starts at $10,000.

This price is very competitive in the international market. Under the same price conditions, Beston provides you with exclusive patented technology, which can ensure your egg tray machine production is more efficient and safe. We have upgraded the drying part and the vacuum compression part to achieve the best energy-saving effect in the industry and further save the production cost of Botswana customers.

You can also find a lot of cheap egg tray machines for sale. Many of Beston’s previous customers tell you from real experience that the later maintenance cost of a cheap egg tray machine is very expensive and delays the production schedule. Failure to maximize the value of the egg tray machine is a very failed investment. If you want to engage in egg tray production in Botswana, the best way is to choose a well-known supplier and high-quality egg tray equipment in the international market.

Affordable Egg Tray Machine in Botswana
Affordable Egg Tray Machine in Botswana
Egg Carton Making Machine in Botswana
Egg Carton Making Machine in Botswana

Types of Egg Tray Making Machines for Sale in Botswana


BTF1-3 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF1-3 paper tray making machine has smaller size and lower price compared to other models. The price starts from 10, 000USD, which is competitive in the same industry. It is an ideal equipment for initial investors and customers with smaller production needs.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 800-1000
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 85
  • Molds: 3


BTF1-4 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF1-4 pulp paper tray making machine contains more molds so that its output also increased. Only 4 to 6 people can finish the whole production line. It’s easy to operate because BTF1-4 is mainly controlled by computer.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 1200-1500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 102
  • Molds: 4


BTF3-4 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF3-4 pulp tray machine possess 4 molds on every 3 side. It has the advantage of low investment and quick return. BTF3-4 pulp tray forming machine takes waste paper as main raw material, so the production cost is economical even sometimes free of charge.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 2000
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 170
  • Molds: 12


BTF4-4 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF4-4 paper tray machine suits medium sized customers most. You can use natural drying or automatic drying according to the output requirements. Natural drying takes a longer time. If you adopt automatic drying, the production efficiency will also be much higher.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 2200-2500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 212
  • Molds: 16

BTF4-8 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF4-8 pulp tray making machine is available for producing all size of egg trays, egg cartons, egg crates. Please contact us to get a one-on-one sales consultant. We will provide you with attentive service and help you select the best machine.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 3500-4500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 298
  • Molds: 32


BTF5-8 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF5-8 tray making machine has reliable performance. Beston has tested millions of times about the equipment operation. Our engineers are constantly improving the technology, which aims to provide a perfect machine for you.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 5000-5500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 425
  • Molds: 40


BTF6-8 Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF6-8 pulp tray machine needs 6 to 8 people to complete the whole production. BTF series of products all use Beston self-developed technology. Our equipment stands out in the same industry.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 6000-6500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 520
  • Molds: 48

Superiority of Investing in an Egg Tray Making Machine in Botswana

Strong market demand. The main customers of Beston egg tray machines are farmers in the breeding industry. The breeding industry in Botswana is the country’s pillar industry and the main source of income for many farmers. Many people breed poultry for egg production in Botswana, and their demand for egg trays is high. It is important to know that Beston automatic egg tray machine is not only capable of packaging eggs. You can contact Beston to adjust the size of the mold. This equipment can be used for packaging whether duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, etc.

Save production costs. During the production process, the wet egg tray needs to go through high temperatures to evaporate the water. Botswana has a high temperature all year round, which is very suitable for the drying work of egg trays. Even if it is directly taken outdoors to dry, it can achieve a good drying effect and save part of the drying cost.

Good environmental benefits. Botswana is rich in tourism resources, and the existence of waste paper problems will have an impact on the environment. Waste paper is the main raw material for the production of Beston egg trays. Egg trays can solve the problem of waste paper and improve the ecological environment of Botswana.

Broad development prospects. Botswana is one of the countries with relatively fast economic development and better economic conditions in Africa. It is understood that the egg tray machine production project does not produce harmful substances and is beneficial to the ecological environment. This kind of project should receive economic support. You can apply for tax incentives and subsidies locally. We have published blogs on Simplesite for your reference.

In addition to Botswana, we have also won markets in African countries such as Ghana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, South Africa, etc., so that you can exchange your experience of using egg tray machines.

Egg Tray Making Machine Loaded to Ghana
Egg Tray Making Machine Loaded to Ghana
Shipping Details of Egg Tray Machine to in Zambia
Shipping Details of Egg Tray Machine to in Zambia
Construction of Egg Tray Machine in Zimbabwe
Construction of Egg Tray Machine in Zimbabwe

How to Buy Egg Tray Making Machine From Beston

Nowadays, there are many suppliers of egg tray machines that advertise themselves on the Internet, and you can search on the Internet to get a lot of information. The official website is a good place to learn about the company and its equipment. Beston has its own website, you can click to browse and get rich knowledge of pulp forming machinery.

Later you will learn about many models of egg tray machines. The easiest way is to consider the output you need. Beston provides you with an egg tray machine in Botswana that can produce 800-6500 pieces of paper egg trays per hour. And according to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic egg tray machines. Whether you are new to this industry or have high requirements for output, at Beston you can choose the machine that suits you.

If you still don’t know which paper tray forming machine to choose, please leave a message on our website and tell us your needs and the available raw materials. We have extensive export experience in Botswana and are familiar with the international market. Beston provides you with free customized services. So far, our designers have provided customized services for customers in more than 50 countries and regions and have been highly praised.

Customers Around The World Choose Beston
Customers Around The World Choose Beston

Once you choose Beston and sign a contract with us, we will immediately start production. We have a large factory of 15,000 square meters and more than 500 employees. You don’t have to worry about delivery and installation, we will deliver it within 45 working days, if your equipment is specially customized, we will deliver it within 60 working days. Beston is a reliable egg tray making machine supplier in Botswana.

Of course, we also provide excellent after-sales service. If you buy a pulp egg tray machine without a drying system in Botswana, the installation will be completed within 25 working days. If you buy an egg tray maker with a drying system, it will be extended to 45 working days. Beston engineers are responsible for the commissioning and installation of the machine, and can also provide free training for your employees to let them know more about the egg tray machine. It is designed to help you start production as soon as possible.

Beston Professional After-sales Team
Beston Professional After-sales Team

In short, investing in egg tray making machines in Botswana is very profitable. Beston is pleased to assist you in formulating a business plan for the egg trays manufacturing in Botswana.

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