Egg Tray Making Machine China

Egg tray making machines have become very popular because they can recycle waste paper and make biodegradable egg trays. In recent years many investors tend to buy egg tray making machine China. Because Chinese companies like Beston Group always offers paper egg tray making machine with good quality and competitive price.

Egg Tray Making Machine China
Egg Tray Making Machine China

What Can China Egg Tray Machine Do?

Beston egg tray machine is often used to manufacture 24/30pcs egg tray or 6/12p/18pcs egg carton for chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs and other specifications of eggs.

6 pcs Egg Carton Made By China Egg Tray Making Machine
6 pcs Egg Carton
10 pcs Egg Carton Made By China Egg Tray Making Machine
10 pcs Egg Carton
30 Count Egg Tray Made By China Egg Tray Making Machine
30 Count Egg Tray

You can also use this machine to produce bottle trays, seedling cups, disposable coffee cup trays, fruit trays, paper masks, shoe stretchers, inner packing of electronic products, fragile parts and other pulp molded products. We also support custom molds.

Pulp Bottle Tray Made By China Egg Tray Making Machine
Pulp Bottle Tray
Paper Coffee Cup Tray Made By China Egg Tray Making Machine
Paper Coffee Cup Tray
Paper Shoe Support Made By China Egg Tray Making Machine
Paper Shoe Support

Types of Beston China Egg Tray Making Machine

Beston specializes in paper tray machines for more than 20 years. Our tray making machine ranges from 800Pcs to 6500Pcs and can meet different needs of customers.


BTF1-3 Paper Tray Making Machine China

BTF1-3 paper tray making machine China has smaller size and lower price compared to other models. The price starts from 8000USD, which is competitive in the same industry. It is an ideal equipment for initial investors and customers with smaller production needs.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 800-1000
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 85
  • Molds: 3


BTF1-4 Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine China

BTF1-4 pulp egg tray making machine China contains more molds so that its output also increased. Only 4 to 6 people can finish the whole production line. It’s easy to operate because BTF1-4 is mainly controlled by computer.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 1200-1500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 102
  • Molds: 4


BTF3-4 China Paper Tray Making Machine

BTF3-4 China paper tray making machine possesses 4 molds on every 3 side. It has the advantage of low investment and quick return. BTF3-4 pulp tray forming machine takes waste paper as main raw material, so the production cost is economical even sometimes free of charge.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 2000
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 170
  • Molds: 12


BTF4-4 Egg Tray Maker Machine China

BTF4-4 egg tray maker machine China suits medium sized customers most. You can use natural drying or automatic drying according to the output requirements. Natural drying takes a longer time. If you adopt automatic drying, the production efficiency will also be much higher.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 2200-2500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 212
  • Molds: 16

BTF4-8 China Egg Tray Forming Machine

BTF4-8 China egg tray forming machine is available for producing all size of egg trays, egg cartons, egg crates. Please contact us to get a one-on-one sales consultant. We will provide you with attentive service and help you select the best machine.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 3500-4500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 298
  • Molds: 32


BTF5-8 China Egg Tray Equipment

BTF5-8 China egg tray equipment has reliable performance. Beston has tested millions of times about the equipment operation. Our engineers are constantly improving the technology, which aims to provide a perfect machine for you.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 5000-5500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 425
  • Molds: 40


BTF6-8 China Paper Tray Machine

BTF6-8 China paper tray machine needs 6 to 8 people to complete the whole production. BTF series of products all use Beston self-developed technology. Our equipment stands out in the same industry.

  • Capacity (pieces/h): 6000-6500
  • Paper Consumption (kg/h): 520
  • Molds: 48

How to Operate Egg Tray Making Machine China

The working process can be divided into four steps: pulp – forming- drying – packaging.

Pulping system. This is the first step of making egg trays. Put various kinds of waste paper and water in the ratio of 3 to 1 into the paper pulp molding machine. It needs about 30 minutes to mix them well. After the mixing, you will get a uniform pulp. If you need to produce high-end egg trays, please leave a message below. You may need a homogenizer that can remove impurities from the pulp and make the pulp more uniform. Thus higher end egg trays can be manufactured.

Hydraulic Pulper of China Egg Tray Making Machine
Hydraulic Pulper
Vacuum Tank of China Egg Tray Making Machine
Vacuum Tank

Forming system. Forming relies mainly on a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump adsorbs the pulp from the stock tank to the egg tray molding machine, which is the key step in determining the shape of the finished product. You can change the shape of the finished product by changing molds. If you have special needs, please leave a message below and we will assign a designer to communicate with you about the specific details. Beston assures the most suitable equipment.

Drying system. Generally, customers can use three drying methods: natural drying, brick drying, or metal drying. Natural drying is suitable for customers with small production and high temperature all year round in their area, this drying method has the lowest cost, but is easily affected by the weather. Brick drying requires customers to build their own sites, and the heat source can use coal or gas. Metal drying is beautiful in appearance and easy to install. Even you can start production as it arrives at the destination. You can flexibly choose the right drying method according to your needs.

China Egg Tray Equipment With Brick Drying And Conveyor Belt
China Egg Tray Equipment With Brick Drying And Conveyor Belt
China Egg Tray Machine With Metal Drying System
China Egg Tray Machine With Metal Drying System

Packing system. Customers with larger production may require a packaging machine. It can assist you to organize the produced egg trays and pack them neatly. Many customers choose to equip a packaging machine for the advantages of saving space and time. If you choose a fully automatic egg tray machine with metal drying equipment, we will give you free of cost.

What Makes Egg Tray Machines China Different From Others

Environmental Protection

Waste paper is a troubling item in many countries, but China’s egg tray machine is just the solution to this problem. Not only can these waste papers be converted into convenient egg trays, but they are also biodegradable. Some plastic egg trays exist in the market, but they are getting smaller and smaller as plastic products are gradually being replaced by pulp molded products.

High Quality

China egg tray manufacturing machine applies a lot of self-developed technology, stable operation, even the accessories are used in the domestic famous brand, the quality of the egg tray machine exceeds many peers. In addition, our engineers have made protective measures at all the connections of the equipment, so it has a long service life. China egg tray machines are ISO quality certified and you can rest assured to buy.

BTF4-4 Egg Tray Equipment From Beston China
BTF4-4 Egg Tray Equipment From Beston China
China 2500 pcs Egg Tray Making Machine
China 2500 pcs Egg Tray Making Machine
BTF1-4 Egg Carton Plant From Beston China Group
BTF1-4 Egg Carton Plant From Beston China Group

Energy-saving and Effective

After dozens of improvements, Beston China Group drying system has reached the optimal energy-saving effect and the vacuum system can reach the optimal vacuum pressure with the minimum energy consumption. Not only that, but the efficiency of China’s egg tray machines is also very high. Whether your production needs are 800 pieces per hour or 6500 pieces per hour, we can meet your requirements. Our machines are highly automated and can save you a lot of time and money.

Wide Range in Application

With a simple change of molds, you can get a wide variety of pulp molded products. This egg tray forming machine is particularly suitable for customers in poultry aquaculture, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production industry, printing industry, paper industry, catering industry, electronic manufacturing and other industries. Owning a pulp molding machine China will not only boost your current business but also help you expand your business scope.

China Beston Company And Worldwide Customers
Beston Company And Worldwide Customers

Advantages of Egg Tray Equipment Exporters From China

High Reputation

Beston’s products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions in the past few years, and our customers have returned to us with high praise for our products. We have developed a stable market in several countries and are well received by our customers. We can provide feedback from some of our customers who have traded before. The voice from a third party is always objective and informative. You can get more information about Beston products on reddit.

Caring Service

We provide you with a one-stop service. With years of export experience, we can guide and advise you before you start the business. And there is a sales consultant with you for one-on-one service throughout the whole process. He is ready to solve your problems at any time. High quality after-sales service is also one of the reasons why we are world-renowned.

Beston After-sales Team
Beston After-sales Team

Large Scale Production

Beston factory covers an area of more than 15,000 square meters and has more than 500 employees. We can guarantee to arrange production and delivery on schedule. The price of egg tray making machine China must be factory direct price. As one of the top egg tray machine suppliers from China, Beston Group is sure to provide you with satisfactory equipment and services. Welcome to visit our factory and company at any time.

Where To Buy Egg Tray Making Machines From China

  • Inquiry: The most convenient way to find out specific information about egg trays machines in China is by browsing the website. At this point, Beston has been persisting for more than a decade. If you are interested in China paper egg tray machine or have any questions, please leave a message below. We will be happy to answer your questions.
  • Negotiation: After getting your inquiry, a sales consultant will work with you on a one-on-one basis. We have more than 20 years of export experience, so we know the international market. Just tell us your needs and we will do our best to present the perfect solution for you.
  • Confirm: There are a variety of pulp egg tray making machines for your choice. If you have special needs, we offer a customized service to try to meet your needs. All terms will be implemented in the contract, you can be at ease.
  • Delivery: If you purchase the normal standard tray making machine, we will send it out within 45 working days. If you need a custom machine, then the delivery cycle is 60 working days. In addition, the shipping method is the same as the contracted one. In accordance with the contract.
  • Installation: If you choose the egg tray machine without drying system, we will send it out within 25 working days. And our delivery cycle is 45 working days with drying system.
  • Production: The installation and operation of our equipment are very easy. After the egg carton plant arrives at the destination, our engineers will guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Afterward, we can also train your staff on the equipment knowledge to facilitate your production as soon as possible.
  • After-sales Service: Thanks to the rich exporting experience, our engineers can also communicate with customers from different countries without any obstacles. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We support flexible guidance methods both online and offline. Your problem will be solved as quickly as possible.
Egg Tray Making Machine Designed by Beston China
Egg Tray Making Machine Designed by Beston China

All in all, the quality and price of Beston China egg tray machines are very satisfying. If you have the intention to invest in an egg tray making machine, please leave a message below without hesitation.

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