Egg Tray Machine With Brick Drying System in Zimbabwe

Recently, we received feedback from customers who chose Beston egg tray making machine with brick drying system in Zimbabwe.  Here are details of their construction of the brick drying system.

Construction Details of Brick Drying System in Zimbabwe

Egg tray machine with brick drying system is very cost-effective. Because customers need to prepare the drying site by themselves. Brick drying is not affected by the weather and can achieve a good drying effect. The entire drying process takes about 20 minutes. And the heat sources that adopt in brick drying are very wide, including burning liquids and gases such as coal, natural gas, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas.

Building Egg Tray Drying System in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Drying System

Brick Drying System for Egg Tray Machine in Zimbabwe
Construction of Egg Tray Drying System

When the preparations are completed, Beston engineers are responsible for the operation and guidance of the egg tray equipment in Zimbabwe. Local employees can enjoy our product operation training for free. So that they can better understand the operation of the equipment and ensure safe production.

No matter which country you are from, Beston will provide you with the most suitable solution. Therefore we’re deeply trusted by customers. If you want to start egg tray machine business in Zimbabwe, please contact us immediately.

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