Egg Crate Making Machine

Egg crate making machine for sale is used to produce sorts of egg crates with just waste paper and water as raw material. Beston Group mainly produces 1-side, 4-side and 8-side egg crate machines. With more than 10+ years of export experience, we can better meet the needs of our customers.

Egg Crate Making Machine
egg crate making machine for sale

Beston Group Co., Ltd. is famous for advanced technology, high quality products and perfect service process. Beston egg crate machines have been exported to more than 50 countries, such as Pakistan, Syria, Zambia, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Colombia, Kenya, Brazil, Argentina, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Mexico, Ukraine, Australia, Russia, etc. Most of the users have expressed their satisfaction and would like to cooperate with Beston in the long run.

Raw Materials for Egg Crate Making Machine

The raw materials for making egg cratse are usually various kinds of waste paper and water. The waste paper can be obtained from waste cartons, waste books, waste newspapers, old magazines, book leftovers, recycled and used egg trays and other kinds of waste paper.

The price of waste paper is on a downward trend in many countries. This also means that you will spend less on raw materials. Therefore, investing in Beston egg crate machine will create great profits for you.

Raw Materials for Egg Crate Making Machine
paper waste
waste paper

Final Products from Egg Crate Machine

By processing the raw materials, you can eventually get egg crates for chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs and other specifications of eggs.

Besides, it can be also used for making egg tray, bottle trays, seedling cups, disposable coffee cup trays, fruit trays, dining plates, shoe stretchers, inner packing of electronic products, fragile parts, etc. pulp molding products. The final products have a wide range of applications, which can help you achieve low cost and high return.

Pulp Molding Products
Various Paper Pulp Molding Products

Beston Egg Crate Making Machine Price

Beston egg crate machine price starts at 8000USD. This figure is for reference only. The specific price is determined according to your needs. Contact us soon to get a free quote. Beston’s products are always of high quality and at good prices.

paper egg crate making machine
Paper Egg Crate Making Machine from Beston Group

Types of Beston Egg Crate Machine for Sale

Beston has developed three types of egg crate machines for sale, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic to meet different customers’ requirement.

  • The manual egg crate machine requires workers to manually take out the wet trays, and dry them in the sun after the trays are formed. The manual machine is affordable but you need to pay more for the labor and space cost.
  • The semi-automatic egg crate machine needs to be supervised at the exit of the conveyor belt to avoid producing substandard egg crates. This type of egg crate machine requires a little less labor cost than the manual one.
  • While the automatic egg crate machine only needs few workers to operate on the computer to complete the production. Fully automatic egg carton machine is more expensive but can save labor cost and rental space. It can also produce more products in a short time.

You can also refer to the table below to find a suitable egg crate making machine.

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

Molds of Egg Crate Making Machine

There are plastic molds and aluminum molds for your choice. Plastic mold has a single shape and one-year warranty. It can be used for more than 2 years. Aluminum mold has stronger corrosion resistance and the quality of the manufactured egg crates is better. The market is broader to the egg tray produced by aluminum molds. Aluminum molds have a 2-year warranty and a service life of more than 3 years.

If you have any other specific requirement, please contact us directly. We will arrange a designer to communicate with you and customize the most suitable egg crate machine for you.

Egg Crate Mold
Egg Crate Mold
Aluminium Egg Crate Mold
Aluminium Egg Crate Mold

Operation Process of Paper Crate Making Machine

The egg crate manufacturing process can be divided into three main stages during the operation: pulping, molding and drying.

  1. Pulping system: the raw material (various waste paper and water) is put into the pulp making machine, and after about 40 minutes’ high concentration mixing by hydraulic pulper, the pulp is automatically transported to the pulp supply tank for storage and mixing. The pulp is then transported by the pulp supply pump to the pulp beater and mixed to the required consistency of pulp, and then the pulp is transported to the forming machine.
  2. Molding system: the forming machine adsorbs the pulp to the forming machine mold through the vacuum system suction, and sucks the excess water into the sewage pump for recycling; the mold adsorbs the pulp to form the pulp, and then the finished product is taken out by the forming machine and sent to the conveyor belt of the drying system.
  3. Drying system: customers can choose natural drying, brick drying and multi-layer metal drying according to the capacity and budget. If you are not sure to choose the egg tray drying method, please contact us for free business plan.

Paper Crate Making Machine

How Long Does it Take to Dry Wet Egg Crates?

  • Natural drying: if the temperature is 30 degrees, it will take about 6-7h to dry the wet tray; if the temperature is 38-40 degrees, it will take about 4-5 hours. This drying method is suitable for countries or regions where the temperature is high all year round.
  • Brick drying: this drying method requires civil construction, and covers a large area. It is designed as single layer. It will take about 20 minutes from wet tray to dry tray. And the heat source can be coal, natural gas, diesel, LPG and other combustion liquids and gases.
  • Multi-layer metal drying: this drying method requires no civil construction. It has a beautiful appearance and is easy to install. What’s more, it has good drying effect. It takes about 25 minutes from wet tray to dry tray. You can use LPC, LNG, diesel, natural gas, etc for heating.
Natural Drying Line
Natural Drying Line
Brick Drying Line
Brick Drying Line
Muti-layer Metal Egg Crate Drying Line
Muti-layer Metal Egg Crate Drying Line

Why Choose Beston Egg Crate Manufacturing Machines

Advanced Technology

  • We have a professional technical research and development team. In recent years, we are committed to continuously upgrading our production technology to achieve the best production effect.
  • Our egg crate machine uses computer control, which is very stable in operation. We are always aiming to reduce energy consumption for you. The engineers have made the parts of the accessories waterproof, moisture-proof and other protective measures to extend the service life of the machine.
  • The vacuum part is our self-developed double vacuum spiral pressurization system. It can achieve the highest vacuum pressure with the minimum power. The advanced production technology has been put into application and high valued by our customers. Our main machine part can achieve the lowest energy consumption while ensuring production efficiency, and always keep stable running conditions.
  • Beston egg crate machines for sale have high efficiency, which are highly automated and can be produced with a few workers by computer operations. The main engine adopts gear segmentation technology that can achieve zero error in operation. It can manufacture large quantities of products in a short time, which saves time and labor costs. So investing in Beston egg crate making machine must be worthwhile.
  • The structure of Beston paper pulp molding machine is beautiful. The complete set of equipment adopts automatic stacking technology, which makes the degree of automation is much higher than other products. It can also save space and reduce labor costs.

High Quality Products

Unlike traditional production methods, Beston’s workshops are increasingly automated. This also means that the product usage can be controlled. We all know that a certain temperature is needed to produce egg crates. With Beston’s automatic egg crate making machine, the egg crates can be dried at the proper temperature. When the temperature is too high, the egg crates maybe break easily and result in the waste of heat source. If the temperature is too low, the egg crate will not be dried well and the products produced will not be sold well.

Egg Crate Manufacturing Machine
Cost-Efective Egg Crate Manufacturing Machine for Sale

Perfect Management System

  • With more than 10 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, we have a well-established management system.
  • We have a strong sales team. If you have any questions about the product itself or the industry before you buy it, they will be pleased to answer you at any time.
  • An assistant will be responsible for following up the whole process during the order. In case there are any problems, we can solve in time.
  • In addition, we also provide excellent after-sales service. After the equipment arrives, our engineers provide free installation and testing services. We can also train your staff on equipment knowledge if you need. Customers who regularly work with our company have expressed satisfaction with us and we have exclusive discounts for regular customers.
  • We provide one-stop service. The entire transaction process is simple and efficient. We can solve all your problems as long as you have a demand.

paper pulp egg crate making machine

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