Egg Carton Making Machine

Beston’s egg carton making machine for sale can produce high quality egg cartons with just water and waste paper. Due to the good economic and environmental benefits, our products are well received by many customers and have been exported to more than 100 countries, including Pakistan, Syria, Zambia, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Colombia, Kenya, Brazil, Argentina, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Mexico, Ukraine, Australia, Russia, etc.

Beston Egg Carton Making Machine for Sale - Easy to Operate
Beston Egg Carton Making Machine for Sale – Easy to Operate

Types of Egg Cartons – 6/10/12 Pack

The most common product made by Beston egg carton machine is 6/10/12 counts of egg cartons. Besides the common chicken egg cartons, you can also produce egg cartons for duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs and other specifications of eggs.

The paper egg container is a good shock-proof and collision-proof product. Compared with traditional foam shockproof blocks and plastic packagings, pulp molded products are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

6 Egg Carton
6 Egg Carton
10 Egg Carton
10 Egg Carton
12 Egg Carton
12 Egg Carton

Egg Carton Manufacturing Process and Functions of Each Part

Essentially, egg carton machine is also a kind of pulp molding machine, so its manufacturing process can be divided into three stages: pulping, molding, drying and packaging. Here we inforduce the whole egg carton manufacturing process and functions of each part on this picture.

  1. Put waste paper and water in the hydrapulper for 40 minutes mixing. Then uniformed pulp is flowed into pulp pool. You can add some additives in the pulp beaters;
  2. The vacuum pump and air compressor will absorb the pulp to the egg carton forming machine. At this part, you can choose to produce 6/10/12 egg cartons by changing molds;
  3. Molded egg trays still contain too much water. You need to evaporate excess water at high temperatures. It comes to drying system. This picture shows fully automatic egg tray drying room;
  4. Finally, finished egg cartons come from the conveyor belt. Beston also offers automatic packing machine to pack and count egg cartons.

Other things need to be highlighted

  • The whole egg carton manufacturing process is controlled by an electric control cabinet, which is easy to use;
  • The excess water will be stored in the sewage water pund for subsequent production;
  • A variety of fuels can be used in the combustion chamber;
  • You can match every part freely. Contact Beston to customize your egg carton machine!
Each Part of Egg Carton Making Machine - Beston New Technology
Each Part of Egg Carton Making Machine – Beston New Technology

Drying Methods for Making Egg Cartons

  1. Natural drying: it is suitable for small production (less than 2000 pieces per hour), which requires a large area and is easily affected by wind and temperature. Countries or regions with high temperature all year round are suitable for this method.
  2. Brick egg carton drying: this way needs civil construction, single-storey building and large floor space. It is suitable for customers whose output demand is above 2500 pieces per hour. This drying method is not affected by the weather, and the drying effect of egg carton is excellent. Transporting the wet carton to dry carton takes about 20 minutes.
  3. Multi-layer metal drying: it’s automatic drying, and this drying method is not affected by the weather. It needs small footprint and no civil construction. The multi-layer metal egg carton dryer has beautiful appearance, good insulation effect, good drying effect of egg carton and can be installed easily. By using metal drying, the wet carton to dry carton takes about 25 minutes.
Natural Drying for Egg Cartons
Natural Drying for Egg Cartons
Build Egg Carton Brick Drying System
Build Egg Carton Brick Drying System
Multi Layer Egg Tray Drying System
Multi Layer Egg Tray Drying System

Beston Egg Carton Machine Price

Beston egg carton making machine price starts at 8000USD.

Note: It is only a reference. Your requirements on the capacities and models will influence the price. Please contact us for a free inquiry.

When buying egg carton equipment, the most important thing is the quality of the product. Beston equipmemt adequate quality. If you still have any concerns, welcome to visit our factory, our staff will warmly entertain every customer.

Here are the basic specifications and parameters of egg carton machine for sale.

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

Features of Beston Egg Carton Making Machine

Unique Design

The whole set adopts automatic stacking technology, which has the advantage of saving more space and looking more beautiful overall. It is easy to transport and install and operate.

Easy to Operate

Beston egg tray production adopts an electric control cabinet. It’s easy to operate and efficient. What’s more, it can save a lot of labor costs! You can enjoy the training service for free in Beston.

Wide Variety

No matter what type of machine you want, large or small, automatic or manual, we can meet your needs. Not only that, we can also provide customized services. If you have special requirements for the style of egg carton, color or material of the mold, we will customize it for you.

Beston Egg Carton Packing Machine
Beston Egg Carton Packing Machine
Shipment of Egg Carton Maker
Shipment of Egg Carton Maker
Efficient Egg Carton Plant
Efficient Egg Carton Plant

High capacity

We can produce a large number of products in the shortest period of time. Taking BTF6-8 egg carton box making machine as an example, it contains 6 molds on each side and can produce up to 6,500 pieces of egg boxes per hour.


The transmission shaft adopts solid shaft, which can ensure the stability and safety in the production process. All kinds of accessories are chosen from domestic famous brands, and the quality of equipment is guaranteed. Engineers have taken protective measures in electrical, mechanical and pipeline parts to prolong the service life. Our egg tray drying line transmission chain adopts heavy-duty transmission chain, so the service life is several times higher compared with other chains supplied by other egg tray machine suppliers.


Beston egg carton maker machines has been experimented in many places and achieved the best effect. It has far exceeded the effect produced by other manufacturers in the same industry. Our drying line has undergone dozens of technical upgrades. It has reached the most energy-efficient products in the same industry in China. The vacuum part is our self-developed double vacuum screw pressurized, which can achieve the highest vacuum pressure with the minimum power. In addition, the main machine adopts Taiwan gear segmentation technology to achieve zero error in equipment running precision.

4 Main Reasns of Buying Egg Carton Machines

Huge market demands. Eggs contain a variety of proteins that accompany us every day. So how do you store your eggs? Many people will choose to protect their eggs from collisions with egg cartons. So the egg carton machine has a good market.
Produce various pulp molded products. The egg carton plant produces quality egg cartons of different models thorough changing molds. It is highly economical because the cost is very low and you have a greater profit margin. This is the best choice for your investment.
Improve the environment. You can also contribute to the global ecology by entering the paper pulp molding industry. Waste paper is a global problem and many countries are being plagued by this problem. The egg carton packing machine can solve this problem exactly by reusing paper resources and reducing waste. Besides, Beston paper pulp egg carton machine for sale does not cause any environmentally harmful substances during the production process. This is indeed a green and energy-saving product.
Enjoy government subsidies. As mentioned above, many countries have proposed new policies for the waste problem. In the future, the green industry will definitely follow the development of society and be strongly supported by the government.
Beston Designed Egg Carton Machine
Beston Designed Egg Carton Machine

Operation Video of Beston Egg Carton Making Machine

Beston is specialized in 1-side, 4-side and 8-side egg carton machines. Here you can see Beston egg carton making machines successfully operated in the Philippines and Mozambique. Only a few seconds, egg cartons are molded. According to customers’ feedback, this machine runs stable and efficient. Even 5 years past, this machine still stays in a good situation. If you’d like more information about egg carton making machine in your area, please contact Beston now!

How to Choose Egg Carton Machine

The key to selecting an egg carton machine is the quality of the product. Quality plays a vital role in the development of your business. Here Beston offers some tips for choosing egg carton machine on the market.

The most direct way is to visit the factory of the egg carton making machine supplier. What you need to pay attention to is every detail of the equipment. Beston products achieve perfection even in details, and our parts are made of well-known domestic brands, so you can buy with confidence.

Check the certifications. The egg carton factory with international ISO certifications is more secure. Authoritative organizations save you a lot of time for comparison and inspection. Whether it is egg box manufacturing technology or epaper egg carton making machine, Beston has passed ISO international certification.

QMS Certification of Beston Egg Carton Machine
EMS Certification of Beston Egg Carton Machine
Certification of Beston Technology

Ask previous customers of this company. The voice of a third party is objective and true, and you can ask other people’s opinions as a reference. Beston paper egg carton making machine has a good reputation in the international market.

Ask about the price of the product. The price of the product determines your profit margin. You have to think carefully whether the price matches the quality. And also take the various costs into account. Also , how many eggs in a carton, how many eggs come in a carton, how do you make pulp egg cartons are important facts that influence egg carton price.

Choose the one with good after-sales service. Good after-sales service can greatly enhance your using experience. The one that can provide timely help is the one that serves you sincerely.

Methods of Improving the Egg Carton Production Efficiency

The key to productivity is the main engine. Beston’s main engine adopts gear segmentation technology, which can achieve zero error in egg carton production line. When the running speed of the egg carton machine is increased, the egg carton forming speed will also be increased.

During the operation of the egg carton machine, the egg carton forming and the running speed should match each other so that there will be qualified products. If the speed is too fast, it will cause inferior products, which will affect the image of the company and product quality.

Besides, you should also do your daily maintenance work and regularly check if the equipment connections are in good condition. It ensures you minimize the mistakes in the paper pulp manufacturing process.

Professional Beston Team - Solve Your Problem in a Short Time
Professional Beston Team – Solve Your Problems in a Short Time

Customers who are involved in poultry aquaculture, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production industry, printing industry, paper industry, catering industry, electronic manufacturing and other industries can choose Beston egg carton machine to start a new business and make profits. It will be a wise decision.

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