Egg Box Making Machine

Beston group has various models of egg box making machine for sale. The capacity varies from 1000 pieces per hour to 6500 pieces per hour. In addition, there are three types: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models for your choice. Contact us for the most suitable machine for you.

Egg Box Making Machine
Beston Egg Box Making Machine for Sale

Most Common Egg Box on the Market

The most common final products produced by the egg box machine are the 6/10/12/18 egg boxes. The pulp egg box is commonly used for packaging all kinds of eggs and protect the eggs from shocks, collisions and breakage during the handling and transportation process. In other words, it also makes eggs easier to handle and transport. Egg box is very common in supermarkets and shopping malls. They come in many sizes.

6 Count Egg Box
6 Count Egg Box
10 Pcs Egg Box
10 Pcs Egg Box
12 Pack Egg Box
12 Pack Egg Box
18 Shell Quail Egg Box
18 Shell Quail Egg Box


What is the Egg Box Machine Price?

Beston offers you affordable egg box machine price from 8000USD. The price of egg box making machines is influenced by many factors.

  • In the first place, it depends on the model you choose. For example, Beston can make fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual egg box machines. Generally speaking, the fully automatic egg box machine is the most expensive type. Because it is easy to operate and also saves time and effort. You can also choose a manual egg tray machine. The manual model is often at a favorable price.
  • Next, your needs also have a great impact on the price. If your production requirements are small, a small machine can suit your needs. If you want to develop a large scale production, then you have to be ready to buy a slightly more expensive egg carton machine with a larger capacity.
  • In addition, consider whether you need custom-designed egg box equipment. The price of a standard configuration machine is obvious at a glance. If you want an egg box plant that is in accordance with specific conditions, then contact us to get the latest prices.
Egg Box Making Machine Price
Fair Egg Box Making Machine Price – Get Quote in 24 Hours

Beston Egg Box Making Machine for Sale

We specialize in many different types of egg box making equipment for sale. You can choose according to your demand. We also provide customized services for customers to meet different requirements.

Forming Mould Quantity1632404864
Total Power83.5144177236372.5
Electricity Consumption57.4kw/h100.8kw/h123.9kw/h165.2kw/h260.4kw/h
Staffing Demand4-64-65-76-86-8
Fuel Consumption (Multi-layer Metal Drying)Natural Gas40-50m³/h75-85m³/h80-90m³/h110-120m³/h120-130m³/h

How to Choose the Suitable Egg Box Machine Supplier?

Before you can settle on an egg box manufacturing company, there are several aspects you need to consider.

Advancement of Technology

Does the company use modern technology to manufacture its egg box machines? If it is still stuck with technology that is from decades ago, you’d better choose another one. In addition, you should consider the type of technology they use to equip their machines. Is it from an established company or is it a copycat? Fortunately, at Beston, we use the latest technology and components from well-known companies.


You need to check if the company is registered and certified by the relevant authorities. Certificates by the authority can make us buy with confidence. If not, it will take us time and effort to examine whether the machine is qualified, safe and efficient. Beston is certified by IOS, CE, SGS, etc.

Speed of Delivery

Another key aspect you need to consider is their shipping speed. An ideal company should not take months to deliver your order. Beston has a large scale factory and hundreds of employees to ensure maximum rapid production and delivery on schedule.

Order Tracking

A reliable company should be able to synchronously update logistic information. It has the advantage of ensuring that the company is fully committed to its customers. And if problems with the product occurred, they can be resolved in time. Transparent transportation also allows both parties to allocate resources rationally.

Global warehouses

It is best to choose a manufacturer that has global warehouses. If you want to buy an egg box making machine, and the warehouse of this company is just close to you, then you can examine the machine and see if the machine meets your requirements. Besides, short range means faster delivery and you can get into production sooner.

Beston Group Co. ltd. is always the best choice for you! 

Egg Box Machine Supplier
Egg Box Machine Supplier – China Beston Group

Why Choose Egg Box Machine From Beston?

  1. Beston has been in the pulp molding manufacturing industry for over 10 years. Our machines use the most advanced technology in the industry. We have a large number of professional engineers and technical support team to provide high quality machines and caring after-sales service.
  2. We have a range of egg box machines for sale, please contact us for the latest price list of egg box machines.
  3. Beston’s high demand for quality of the machine and pursuit of perfect after-sales service has supported our continuous growth for nearly 20 years. We have sold our machines to more than 100 countries. The products have also undergone multiple certificates, and we can provide you with the relevant certificates.
  4. At present, Beston’s factory covers an area of 1500 square meters with more than 500 employees. We have all kinds of precision machines, which enables fully automatic production. And you can see advanced technology from Beston. New production method can optimize allocation of resources. We also have strong technical force to ensure high quality products.
  5. Beston has a wide range of products available for sale. Don’t have to worry about the egg box machine. We have developed stable customers in many regions of the world. You can check our machines at your convenience. We are always trying our best to meet your requirements. You can contact us for more information about the machine.
Egg Box Machine From Beston
Choose the Most Suitable Egg Box Machine From Beston

Advantages of Beston Fully Automatic Egg Box Making Machine

  • Automatic egg box machine is easy to operate. It needs only a few workers to master the computer operation. This kind of production greatly reduces labor costs.
  • The quality of produced egg boxes exceeds the vast majority of those on the market. Because the drying temperature of automatic egg box machine van be controlled well. This results that the egg boxes are delicate in appearance and have good corrosion resistance. The fully automatic egg box machines keeps the egg box in the most perfect condition.
  • Beston adopts advanced technology to produce egg box manufacturing machines. The main unit of this egg box machine (also called egg crate machine) has been upgraded to achieve a resource-saving effect during production. Engineers have made protective measures at the connection of the equipment, which can extend the service life of the equipment. Besides, the automatic machine can produce a large number of products in a short time. Because of dozens of improvements and upgrades, our machines have reached the best results in the industry, which is really efficient and energy-saving.

How to Buy Egg Box Making Machine From China?

The reason why many people choose Chinese suppliers is that China’s manufacturing has always been in the leading position. In recent years, China’s technology has developed rapidly and the product quality has also improved a lot.

  • The most convenient way is to Google directly for egg box machine manufacturers in China, and the Internet will provide you with the information you want. You’d better compare several companies carefully, because not all the information on the Internet is necessarily true.
  • Or you can refer to the experience of some people who have bought equipment from China before. Being open to learning from experienced people can save you a lot of time.
  • Once you have chosen one, you can contact the online staff directly. Don’t worry about buying from China will be very troublesome. Most companies will provide one-stop service now.
Egg Box Making Machine
High-quality Egg Box Making Machine for Sale

Is Egg Box Manufacturing Profitable?

We believe this is also the main concern of many customers. Egg box machines are undoubtedly very profitable. The machine can turn waste into treasure. Because its raw materials are only waste paper and water. Waste paper is a problem that troubles many countries, while this machine can solve this problem by turning waste paper into practical and valuable egg boxes.

Eggs are very common in life and egg boxes are used frequently. Therefore, the egg box manufacturing has broad market potential. You don’t have to worry about the manufactured products not being sold because there is a great demand for egg boxes. The production rise cost is also very low, so you can make a big profit.

Egg box machine is essentially a pulp molding machine. It means you can just change the mold to get various shapes of goods, which can widen your market range. Owning this machine is also equivalent to owning a shoe support machine, a fruit tray machine, an egg tray machine, etc.

To sum up, egg box plant is definitely worth investing in and it will lead you to wealth.

Egg box Manufacturing Machine
Suitable Egg box Manufacturing Machine for You

What are the Applications Of Egg Box Production Machine?

You can get different products due to the different molds. Besides various specifications of eggs, you can also use this machine to produce bottle trays, seedling cups, disposable coffee cup trays, fruit trays, dining plates, shoe stretchers, inner packing of electronic products, fragile parts, and many other pulp molding products.

Pulp Molding Products

People in poultry aquaculture, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production industry, printing industry, paper industry, catering industry, electronic manufacturing and other industries should consider investing in an egg box production machine. Welcome!

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