Delivery of BTF1-4 Small Egg Tray Making Machine to Peru

Good news! BTF1-4 small egg tray making machine has been shipped to Peru successfully on September 2021!

A Full Set of BTF1-4 Small Egg Tray Machine Loaded on the Truck
A Full Set of BTF1-4 Small Egg Tray Machine Loaded on the Truck

More Details About BTF1-4 Small Egg Tray Making Machine to Peru

Before loading on the truck, Beston workers use iron frames to fix various parts of the egg tray, and finally put them into wooden boxes. This can prevent the equipment from being bumped during transportation. The main equipment shipped to Peru includes a pulping machine, a vacuum pump, an egg tray forming machine and pallets for drying.

The pulping system is used to mix waste paper and water to obtain pulp – the fort step to make egg trays. The vacuum pump works with the egg tray forming machine is to mold the pulp into egg trays. In this part, you can produce egg boxes/cartons/crates, coffee cup holder trays and other pulp packaging products by changing molds. Finally, just put the formed egg trays on the drying pellets and evaporate the excess water by high temperature, and the whole egg tray production process is over.

Packaged Pulping System
Accessories Loaded to Peru
Drying Pallets to Peru
Small Egg Tray Machine Loaded to Peru

Test Run Video of BTF1-4 Small Egg Tray Making Machine to Peru


BTF1-4 small egg tray machine can convert waste paper and water into egg trays, egg boxes and other products. The output of this equipment is 1500pcs/h. If you decide to start an egg tray production line in Peru, it will definitely be profitable. In addition to small egg tray making machines, we also provide a variety of models for you to choose from. Contact Beston now to get a free quote!

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