Daily Maintenance Work of Egg Tray Machine

To increase the service life of the egg tray machine and keep the zero maintenance rate of Beston egg tray machine, daily maintenance work is essential.

Egg tray making machine is a device that mixes waste paper and water into pulp and then molds it into egg packaging products. You can use this equipment to produce all kinds of pulp molding products.

Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine
Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine

Daily Maintenance Instruction

It is a normal phenomenon that the pulp egg tray machine will be worn out during use. Doing a good job in daily maintenance requires the following points when using the pulp egg tray machine equipment.

  • Before installing the pulp egg tray machine, clean the surface and make sure that the mold is correctly installed on the main engine.
  • To adjust the pulp egg tray machine to a level operating surface, do not tilt.
  • During the use of the pulp egg tray machine, the scope of activities of the staff should be fully ensured.
  • If an abnormal sound is found during use, the machine should be stopped immediately. The paper tray forming machine should be used again after troubleshooting.
  • Since the raw material of the egg tray is pulp, the mold will be contaminated with some pulp during the operation of the main engine. Please clean it in time to reduce mold wear. Generally speaking,  the molds should be cleaned once an hour.
  • When cleaning the egg tray machine, do not use hard steel wire balls and strong chemical cleaners for wiping. It is best to use a soft towel, a soft cloth with water to wipe or use a neutral detergent, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion.

Generally speaking, the service life of the egg tray machine is about 8-10 years. If you maintain a better condition during use, you can use it longer. The aluminum egg tray moulds can be used for 5-8 years, has good corrosion resistance, and the quality of the egg tray produced by the aluminum mold is relatively good. Beston provides a two-year warranty for aluminum molds. If you buy an egg tray machine in Beston, we will provide you with the greatest discount for subsequent replacement of wearing parts.

Some Kinds of Aluminium Molds
Some Kinds of Aluminium Molds

Nowadays, pulp egg tray equipment has been widely used in the world. The material of the egg tray machine is stainless steel. Usually the egg tray machine will not rust. But you need to pay attention to the damage of corrosive liquid. This requires users to improve maintenance awareness and do a good job in maintenance.

You can experience high-quality after-sales service at Beston Group. Once you encounter any problems during the operation, please contact us immediately. We support guidance programs both online and offline to ensure that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

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