BTF5-8 Fully Automatic Paper Tray Forming Machine Sent to Fiji

In November 2021, Fijian customers ordered a BTF5-8 fully automatic paper tray forming machine from Beston. It’s said that Fijian customers are carrying out large-scale paper tray production businesses in the local area. This kind of pulp packaging product is very environmentally friendly and beneficial to people’s health. It is very popular in Fiji.

BTF5-8 Fully Automatic Paper Tray Forming Machine Sent to Fiji
BTF5-8 Fully Automatic Paper Tray Forming Machine Sent to Fiji

Introduction of BTF5-8 Fully Automatic Paper Tray Forming Machine Sent to Fiji

BTF5-8 paper tray forming machine adopts the latest technology developed by Beston. Its fully automatic mainly refers to the drying system, molding system, mold cleaning system and packaging system. Next, I will introduce you to the role of each part:

  • Metal trays: used on the metal drying line. The pallets have good corrosion resistance and long service life. As you can see from the picture, the metal pallet can hold a large number of wet trays.
  • Vacuum tank: mainly used in the paper tray forming part – absorb the mixed pulp to the mold. The vacuum tank has applied Beston newest design. It can achieve the best pressure at the minimum power.
  • Hot press machine: its function is to make the surface of the paper trays smoother. Customers who require relatively high-quality paper trays generally choose this machine.
  • Automatic packaging machine: generally used in the last step of paper tray forming. It has automatic counting and packing functions, which can save the cost of manually sorting paper trays.
  • Mold cleaning machine: in order to extend the life of the mold and ensure the quality of the finished product, the mold needs to be cleaned once or twice an hour. The automatic mold cleaning machine can save the time of manual cleaning.
  • Paper tray forming machine: this is the key step to determine the shape of the paper tray. Here you can produce pulp packaging products such as egg trays, egg boxes, fruit trays, coffee cup trays, etc. It all depends on which mold you choose.
  • Other accessories: include kinds of pipes, pumps, airbags and so on.

BTF5-8 fully automatic paper tray forming machine can save Fiji customers a lot of time and energy. Fijian customers also believe in this paper tray forming machine can help their business succeed.

Shipment of Metal Drying Trays
Metal Drying Trays
Vacuum Tank to Fiji
Vacuum Tank
Hot Press Machine Sent to Fiji
Hot Press Machine
Automatic Paper Tray Packaging Machine to Fiji
Automatic Packaging Machine

Shipment and Test Run Video of BTF5-8 Paper Tray Making Machine

During the delivery process, Beston workers lifted a complete set of paper tray machine to the truck. Each part of the shipment has a detailed record. In addition, the Beston engineer runs the egg tray machine empty to check whether the various parts are in good condition, and to ensure that the customer is in the most perfect condition when receiving the egg tray machine.

In addition to the fully automatic egg tray machine, Beston also provides manual type and semi-automatic type egg tray machines for your option! If you think that none of these can meet your needs, please contact the Beston designer immediately to customize the egg tray machine for you. Contact us now and you can get reply quickly!

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