BTF4-8 Egg Tray Making Machine Installed in Zimbabwe

Beston has successfully installed the egg tray machine in Zimbabwe recently.

The customer in Zimbabwe chose the BTF4-8 egg tray making machine, which is a medium model and can produce 4500 pieces of paper egg trays per hour.  And the production volume is so amazing, but it only needs 4 – 6 workers per day to complete the production. Many customers who have known about egg tray equipment will choose this machine. Because BTF4-8 has the advantages of high output and high efficiency.

Bulid Brick Drying System in Zimbabwe

Building Brick Drying System
Wokers in Zimbabwe

Brick Drying
Egg Tray Brick Drying

This customer takes the brick drying method. Brick drying requires a self-built site. If you can find a site that is not expensive to rent, then it is best for a brick drying egg tray machine. This type of egg tray drying system is generally a single-layer design. And it can dry a large number of wet egg trays at one time. Since it is dried indoors, this type of drying is not affected by the weather. The drying process only takes about 20 minutes, and the heat source can use coal, natural gas, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas and other combustion liquids and gases.

In response to the call for environmental protection, many people are choosing to invest in paper pulp molding machines. Now contact Beston and start egg tray making business in Zimbabwe!

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