BTF4-4 Paper Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Ghana

Good news! BTF4-4 paper egg tray machine successfully shipped to Ghana on October 13, 2021.

BTF4-4 Paper Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Ghana
BTF4-4 Paper Egg Tray Machine Shipped to Ghana

Trading Process of BTF4-4 Paper Egg Tray Machine to Ghana

They obtained information about the Beston egg tray machine through the web page and left their contact information. Beston’s sales consultants provide one-to-one services to Ghanaian customers. Finally, the Ghanaian customer chose the BTF4-4 paper egg tray machine, and chose the brick drying method. Beston manufactures egg tray machines in its factory in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and delivers the machine within agreed time. BTF4-4 is one of Beston best-selling products. This equipment produces about 2500 egg trays per hour. Ghanaian customers only need waste paper and water to complete the production of paper egg trays.

BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine to Ghana
Shipment of Paper Egg Tray Machine to Ghana
Paper Egg Tray Machine Ghana
Shipping Details of Paper Egg Tray Machine to Ghana

Test Run Video

Every time before shipment, Beston engineers will test whether the egg tray machine is operating normally. As you can see from the video , BTF4-4 paper egg tray machine has four molds on each side. The egg tray can be formed in just a few seconds. And the whole machine uses a chain drive, which can save a lot of human resources.

Beston has won a good market in Ghana. In addition to BTF4-4, Beston also sent BTF1-4, BTF3-4 and other models to Ghana. At present, egg trays are still in great demand in Ghana, so it is a wise choice to invest in an egg tray machine. Please contact Beston immediately to customize the egg tray production plan for you.

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