BTF4-4 Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Botswana

In June 2021, we will shipped the egg tray making machine to Botswana.

BTF4-4 is one of the most hot-sale models in Beston. It can produce at least 2500 egg trays per hour, and only 3-5 people can complete the production work.

Before shipment of pulp egg tray making machine, our engineers will let it run empty for testing. We will not load it until all aspects of the inspection are completed. Beston has always adhered to the belief of serving customers and guarantees to provide customers with excellent quality egg tray machines.

Beston Egg Tray Making Machine in Botswana

Beston maintains a good cooperative relationship with customers in Botswana. Prior to this, our BTF1-3, BTF3-4 egg crate making machines have been sold to Botswana, and we have received good feedback from them. Egg tray machines are widely used in Botswana, and products such as egg trays, egg boxes, etc. have good sales in Botswana.

Beston has extensive experience in the Botswana market. If you want to start an egg tray business in Botswana, Beston will help you succeed.

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