BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine with Metal Drying System to Russia

Beston delivered BTF4-4 egg tray machine to Russia in 2021. To realize higher efficiency, customers required a metal drying system. Beston engineers will test the full set of machine and check details before shipment.

BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine with Metal Drying System in Russia
BTF4-4 Egg Tray Machine with Metal Drying System in Russia

Introduction of BTF4-4Egg Tray Machine in Russia

This 4-side egg tray machine can produce about 2200-2500 pieces of egg trays per hour. Russian customers can collect local waste paper as raw material and make useful egg trays. Due to the high demand for egg trays in Russia, egg tray making business is easy and profitable.

Egg Tray Making Machine to Russia
Metal Drying System to Russia
BTF4-4 Loaded to Russia

Benefits of Metal Drying System

Shorter Time

It takes at least 4 hours to dry egg trays in areas with good natural conditions, while the metal drying room can complete the drying work in 20 minutes. This is a good choice for customers with high requirements for work efficiency.

Smaller Space

Natural drying requires the egg trays to be aired outdoors, while brick drying requires customers to build a single-layer drying room. However, the multi-layer metal drying system can dry a large number of egg trays at one time, and the small footprint can save customers Lots of rent.

Easier Operation

Natural drying and brick drying require a lot of labor. Metal drying can be connected to the PLC system. After training, employees can quickly master the operation method. After being skilled, only 1-2 employees can complete the drying work.

Less Fuel

Bestonmetal drying system is designed with cases that can store heat. Compared with brick drying system, metal drying room is more energy saving because it can use less fuel to reach the required heat. In the long run, metal drying can lead to higher economic benefits.


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