BTF1-4 Pulp Molding Machine Shipped to the US

On July 7, 2021, Beston shipped BTF1-4 pulp molding machine to the United States. American customers can use this machine to solve local waste paper problem and transform it into egg trays and other pulp packaging products. BTF1-4 pulp molding machine is a small equipment that can produce about 1500 egg trays per hour.

BTF1-4 Pulp Molding Machine Ready for Shipment to the US
BTF1-4 Pulp Molding Machine Ready for Shipment to the US

American Customers Integrated Pulp System

The integrated slurry tank customized by American customers from Beston includes a pulper, a slurry pump and various pipelines. This design can save production space and has the advantages of convenient transportation and installation. The BTF1-4 pulp molding plant is small in size and the price is very favorable. Beston assisted American customers to successfully carry out pulp production and maximized their profits.

Integrated Pulping System to the US
Integrated Pulping System
Electric Control Cabinet to the US
Electric Control Cabinet
Egg Tray Molding Machine Loaded to the US
Egg Tray Molding Machine Loaded to the US

Test Run Video of BTF 1-4 Pulp Molding Machine


American customers are very environmentally conscious. They have been looking for an egg tray machine that does not produce any pollution and can make rational use of resources. Beston fits their requirements very well. Egg tray production process in Beston is mainly a physical reaction, and will not produce substances harmful to the environment. The waste water generated during the production process will be stored in the sewage tank and used as the raw material for subsequent production.

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