BTF1-4 Egg Tray Making Machine to Peru

Beston has shipped BTF1-4 egg tray making machine to Peru in May of this year.

BTF1-4 egg tray equipment can produce about 1,500 pieces of paper egg trays per hour. Its raw materials are only waste paper and water. And this is undoubtedly the best way to improve the environment and create profits.

BTF1-4 Egg Tray Machine to Peru
BTF1-4 Egg Tray Machine to Peru
Shipping Details of Egg Tray Machine to Peru
Shipping Details of Egg Tray Machine to Peru

The egg tray manufacturing machines in Peru has strong advantages. First of all, Peru is rich in water resources, which is very suitable for egg tray production. As we have mentioned above, water is one of the most important raw materials for egg trays production. In addition,  Peru’s high temperature is suitable for drying wet egg trays, which can reduce fuel drying and save production costs.

Shipment of Egg Tray Machine And Accessories to Peru

Beston has more than 20 years of export experience and gain a good market in Peru. Don’t worry about the trouble of purchasing paper tray forming machines from China, we provide one-stop service for customers worldwide.

If you also want to invest in an egg tray machine in Peru, please contact us immediately. We are pleased to discuss with you and will reply within 24 hours.

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