BTF1-4 Customized Pulp Molding Machine Delivered to Russia

Beston delivered a set of BTF1-4 customized pulp molding machine to Russia in May 2022. This machine can help customers recycle waste paper and produce paper packages. Beston manufactured the molds according to customers’ requirements.

BTF1-4 Pulp Molding Machine Delivered to Russia - Customized Molds
BTF1-4 Pulp Molding Machine Delivered to Russia – Customized Molds

Details of BTF1-4 Pulp Molding Machine to Russia

Basic Parameters

  • Model: BTF1-4;
  • Output: 1500 pcs/h;
  • Side: 1;
  • Molds: 4;
  • Raw Materials:waste paper and water;
  • Total Power: 42kw;
  • Paper Consumption: 102kg/h;
  • Water Consumption: 306kg/h.

Shipping List

Pulp Beater to Russia
Pulp Beater
Pulp Forming Machine to Russia
Pulp Forming Machine
Customized Molds to Russia
Customized Molds
PLC Control System to Russia
PLC Control System

Beston Customized Service

If you want to start paper pulp molding business, please get in touch with Beston. 20+ solution managers will provide professional service. They have more than 10 years of exporting experience and mastered many languages. Russian customers contact Beston solution manager and require customized molds. Beston solution manager communicated with the factory and signed a contract with the customer after confirming that the production can be carried out smoothly, and delivered the goods within the agreed time.

Beston Customized Service

We can customize not only the mold but also other items such as drying method, machine color and product color. By changing molds, customers usually produce egg tray, egg carton, apple tray, fruit tray, coffee cup tray, seedling cup, shoe support…

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