BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Peru

At the end of September 2021, BTF1-3 manual egg tray making machine completed shipment to Peru. Beston has successfully installed several egg tray machines in Peru. With our rich experience, the transaction was successfully completed. Peruvian customers also expressed their satisfaction with a series of services of the Beston Company.

BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Peru
BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to Peru

Delivery Site of BTF1-3 Manual Egg Tray Making Machine to Peru

As you can see from the picture, Beston workers use a trailer to load the entire egg tray production machine onto the truck. Although the egg tray machine has many complicated parts, Beston has a professional transportation process. When producing the egg tray machine, Beston strictly abides by the contract and completes the production and delivery within the specified date. Next are the pictures and videos of the day’s shipment.

Delivery of Egg Tray Machine to Peru
Delivery Site
Delivery Site of Egg Tray Machine to Peru
Egg Tray Machine to Peru
Hot Press Machine to Peru
Hot Press Machine
30 Egg Tray Molds to Peru
30 Egg Tray Molds

Test Run and Shipment Video

Introduction of Egg Tray Manufacturing Project In Peru

  • Meet local needs. Peruvian customers found that the local people have a great demand for egg trays and are very satisfied with the quality of the egg trays produced by the Beston egg tray machine.
  • The production cost is low. The production of egg tray machines is just waste paper and water. The price of waste paper in Peru is very low, which greatly reduces the cost of production.
  • Natural condition bonus. Due to Peru’s high temperature all year round, and the egg tray manufacturing requires high-temperature drying steps, Peruvian customers do not need to build an egg tray drying line, and only need to dry outdoors to achieve good results. And the price of the drying-style egg tray machine is very low.
  • Many successful cases. Beston has successfully carried out egg tray machine projects in Peru many times, so Peruvian customers trust us very much.

In summary, the Peruvian egg tray manufacturing project can quickly become profitable and is developing well.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Project
Egg Tray Manufacturing Project
Pallet for Egg Tray Drying
Pallets for Egg Tray Drying
Full Set of Egg Tray Machine to Peru Loaded
Full Set of Egg Tray Machine to Peru Loaded

If you want to use waste paper to produce egg trays, please believe that Beston can help you succeed! Tell Beston your needs now, and we will provide you with a detailed paper egg tray manufacturing project report for free.

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