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Is Beston Egg Tray Machine Profitable?

Many successful cases have proved that Beston egg tray making machine is indeed profitable! In the past 10 years, Beston exported hundreds of egg tray machines overseas. Here we’ll introduce this profitable egg tray manufacturing business from the real situation of the market, and you can find a detailed ROI … Read more

Beston Technical Documentation Support for Egg Tray Machine

How Long Does It Take From Buying an Egg Tray Machine to Installing It?

From buying an egg tray machine to installation, you’ll experience production, delivery and installation. It takes 45-60 working days for production and delivery and 25-45 working days for installation. In other words, it takes at least 70 working days from buying an egg tray machine to installation. Next, I will … Read more

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What Kind of Waste Paper Can be Used to Make Paper Trays?

Waste paper is a good material for making paper trays. Many people have realized this and started the waste paper to egg tray business. Then what kind of waste paper can be used to make paper trays? What kind of paper trays can you get finally? This article will answer … Read more

Pulp Products That You Can Get From Beston Egg Tray Making Machine

How Many Egg Trays Can I Get from 1 Ton of Waste Paper?

You can get more than 12, 000 pieces of egg trays from 1 ton of waste paper! This figure is obtained by Beston engineers in combination with the actual production situation of customers. The egg tray process costs about 1-12 hours, which is determined by the machine you choose. Here … Read more

Customers Make Money by Using Beston Egg Tray Machine

How to Earn Money By Using Beston Egg Tray Machine?

Many people have the idea of starting their own business. Investing in an egg tray machine can become a powerful tool for them to make money, and using the Beston egg tray machine can help them gain a firm foothold in the competition of the same category. Here are some … Read more

Egg Tray Machine with Natural Drying System

Can I Customize My Own Egg Tray Machine from Beston?

Yes, you can customize your own egg tray machine from Beston! Beston supports a variety of customization services. Next, we will introduce the common customization parts for your reference: Mold There are various sizes of egg trays on the market. Is it possible to use the same machine to make … Read more

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Smart Uses of Paper Egg Trays!

I’m sure everyone has used egg trays at home. If you just throw them away, then you’re missing out on a huge fortune! The internet has summarised many great uses for egg trays and I’ve summarised these tips here. 1. Support for Your Laptop Laptops get hotter over time, which … Read more

For Better Egg Storage

How Long Do Eggs Last? – Storage Tips for Eggs

Eggs are an important source of protein for people. In daily life, it is necessary to master how to store fresh eggs. Eggs rarely spoil if handled and stored properly, and egg trays are a great way to store them. Take a look at these egg storage tips to help … Read more

Final Discount

Year-end Sale of Pulp Molding Machine

In order to thank customers for their support and attention to Beston for the past year, Beston holds this year-end discount event! We have set different discount strengths for each hot product for sale. Activity theme: Final Discount is Coming! Promotion period: 2021.12.15 – 2022.1.15 Programme of activities: · New … Read more

High Quality Egg Tray Making Machine on the Market

Aspects to Identify the Quality of Egg Tray Making Machine

The application of egg tray machine is very extensive, especially in the packaging industry with broad prospects for development. There are many brands of egg tray machines on the market, so from what aspects should the quality of egg tray machines be distinguished? The Leading Part of Egg Tray Machine … Read more