Beston Helps Indian Customers On Egg Tray Manufacturing Business

India consumes a lot of eggs every day, which also shows that the demand for egg trays in India is strong. Recently, an Indian customer contacted Beston to start an egg tray manufacturing business. Beston actively created a business plan for the customer and finally designed a customer-satisfied solution: BTF6-8 egg tray manufacturing machine with brick drying system.

Beston BTF6-8 Egg Tray Making Machine Exported to India
Beston BTF6-8 Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Exported to India

Details of India Egg Tray Making Business

The customer operates a large-scale chicken farm by himself. In order to facilitate the storage and transportation of eggs, the customer decides to invest in an egg tray machine. Among so many pulp molding machine manufacturers, Indian customers choose Beston Group.  Because our products and services have a good reputation in India and support flexible customized drying solutions. In the process of communicating with customers, Beston solution consultant can always solve customers’ problems efficiently and provide professional construction drawings to facilitate the subsequent construction of customers.
Here are the basic parameters of BTF6-8 egg tray machine for your reference:

    • Output: 6000-6500;
    • Forming Mould Quantity: 48;
    • Total Power: 223kw;
    • Paper Consumption: 520 kg/h;
    • Water Consumption: 1560 kg/h.

Shipping Pictures

Egg Tray Machine to India
Other Components to India
Vacuum Pump and Metal Trays
Connections to India

Shipping Video

Beston Has Rich Experience On India Egg Tray Manufacturing Business

We have helped many Indian customers successfully start egg trays/egg cartons/coffee cup holders businesses. Customers can use the same machine to produce different products only by changing the molds, so they often choose large models with high output. This time, Indian customers choose BTF6-8 egg tray making machine which was with the highest output. We believe this business will get high return!

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