Beston BTF5-8 Egg Tray Equipment Delivered to India

On April 16, 2022, BTF5-8 egg tray equipment was delivered to India successfully. Beston has exported egg tray machines to India many times. India has a high and growing demand for eggs and their packaging (egg trays/eggs). In order to protect the eggs from transportation damage, many farmers choose to bring their own egg tray machine.

Beston BTF5-8 Egg Tray Equipment Ready to India
Beston BTF5-8 Egg Tray Equipment Ready to India

BTF5-8 Egg Tray Making Project in India

BTF5-8 egg tray machine uses waste paper as raw material and can produce 5000-6000 egg trays per hour. As you can see from the picture, this egg tray machine has 8 sides and each side has 5 moulds, when this egg tray machine is used in India, a total of 40 molds work together!

In order to make the egg tray more in line with the local usage habits, the customer provided samples and sizes, and Beston customized the egg tray mold for the customer. During the process of the project, the Beston sales team actively cooperated with the customer’s needs and considered the customer to help them develop a successful egg tray manufacturing business.

Shipment and Delivery of BTF5-8 Egg Tray Equipment

BTF5-8 egg tray machine will be sent from China to India. The estimated delivery time is about 30 days. At every stage of the shipment process, Beston will update the information for customers at any time, so customers also trust us. There is no need to worry about the installation of the paper pulp egg tray making machine. In order to better serve customers, Beston engineers have specially launched an online installation guide service. Online installation is not limited by time and space. If you encounter any problems, Beston will solve them for you in time.

Paper Pulp Machine
Hydropulper to India
Egg Tray Equipment on Beston Factory
Egg Tray Equipment on Beston Factory
Full Set of BTF5-8 Egg Tray Equipment Loaded to India
Full Set of BTF5-8 Egg Tray Equipment Loaded to India


If you want to start an egg tray manufacturing business in India, please make Beston your preferred supplier. Beston’s product quality and service system is highly rated by our customers. Please leave a message here and get your customized solution!

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