Beston Apple Tray Making Machine Delivered to Russia

Due to excellent quality and considerate service, Beston Group has won many repeat customers. Customers from Russia bought apple tray molds first and then ordered a set of BTF6-8 apple tray making machine from Beston. This machine was delivered to Russia on February 26, 2022. BTF6-8 is the largest type of pulp molding machine in Beston. Here is the video of the shipping process.

Basic Information of Apple Tray Machine to Russia

  • Model: BTF6-8;
  • Output: 6500pcs/h;
  • Raw Material: Waste paper;
  • Product: Apple trays;
  • Drying Method: Metal drying;
  • Delivery Time: February 26, 2022;
  • ETA: March 13, 2022;
  • Installation Method: Online;
  • Shipping Port: Tianjin Port.
BTF4-8 Apple Tray Making Machine
BTF4-8 Apple Tray Making Machine
Apple Tray Making Machine to Russia
Apple Tray Making Machine to Russia

Details of Apple Tray Machine With Metal Drying System to Russia

The metal drying system is one of the most important part of this apple tray machine. It improves the efficiency and effect of the drying work. Before shipment, Beston workers in the factory will package each part carefully and then load them to the truck. The full set of machine will arrive in Russia in early March.

Metal drying roon to Russia
Metal Drying Room
Metal drying pallets to Russia
Drying Pallets
Other accessories to Russia
Other Accessories
Drying frame to Russia

Beston offers pulp molding machines for customers all over the world. Our machine can make egg trays, egg cartons, apple trays, coffee cup trays and many other pulp moulded products. You can just change the mold to make different products! That’s also the important reason why so many customers buy pulp molding machines and customized molds from Beston!

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