Aspects to Identify the Quality of Egg Tray Making Machine

The application of egg tray machine is very extensive, especially in the packaging industry with broad prospects for development. There are many brands of egg tray machines on the market, so from what aspects should the quality of egg tray machines be distinguished?

High Quality Egg Tray Making Machine on the Market
High-Quality Egg Tray Making Machine on the Market

The Leading Part of Egg Tray Machine Quality – Egg Tray Forming Machine

There is no doubt that the main machine (egg tray forming machine) is the key component of the whole egg tray production line. While there are many aspects that should be pay attention to when you identify the quality of egg tray making machine.

  1. Ask the supplier to run the egg tray forming machine to determine whether the stability is good. When the egg tray machine is operating normally, the vibration amplitude and noise should be small, and the state of uniform speed and stable operation is the best.
  2. Observe whether the matching degree between the forming mold and the transfer mold in the main engine operating room is close. Especially for the four corners of the mold contact, the gap between 1 mm is the best. This is also a key step in determining the quality of the finished product. The higher the precision of the mold, the better the quality of the egg tray produced.
  3. Examine whether the material of the main machine is standard. The body of the Beston egg tray machine is made of thickened 20# channel steel, and the main machine positioning slide is welded by heat-treated 45# steel plate. The driveshafts are all solid shafts. The support and stability have been tested to achieve the best results. Thses materials have good corrosion resistance and the egg tray machine has a long service life.
  4. Look over the gears in the operation of the main engine. Beston adopts Taiwan gear divider technology, which can achieve zero error in the operation of pulp molding equipment. This also means that you can save subsequent maintenance costs. The service life is more than 8-10 years. If you pay attention to maintenance, it can last longer.
  5. Check whether the tray of the drying part is made of wear-resistant materials. The Beston mainframe vacuum gas rotating plate adopts a copper plate, and the implementation of wear-resistant milk poisoning has reached the requirements. And Beston egg tray machine is also equipped with an automatic pressure regulating design, which can save energy consumption to the greatest extent.
  6. Compare whether the technology is innovative. The pulp molding industry is developing very rapidly, and blindly continuing the old technology will be eliminated by society. The drying line of Beston egg trays has been upgraded dozens of times, and it has achieved an effect that is difficult to surpass in the industry. The vacuum part adopts the double spiral vacuum pressurization system independently developed by our company, which can achieve the highest vacuum pressure with the minimum power.

Beston Egg Tray Machine – Popular All Over the World

Beston egg tray machines have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, including Zambia, Ghana, Peru, Spain, Colombia, Botswana, Nigeria, Burundi, Lesotho and other countries. If you want to invest in an egg tray machine of high quality, Beston will be your best choice on the market!

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