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Paper Pulp Molding Machine

  • Raw material:

    waste paper boxes, books, newspapers, paper crates, book scraps, recycled egg trays and used egg trays, and other waste paper materials.

  • Final products:

    various paper pulp molding products including 24/30pcs egg trays, 6/12 egg cartons, apple tray, fruit tray, shoe support, paper tray for electronic products, rice seeder tray, phone tray, wheel tray, industry package, cup tray, bottle tray, wine tray, etc.

Beston 800-6500pcs/h Pulp Moulding Machines for Sale


  • Model: BTF1-3
  • Capacity: 800-1000pcs/h
  • Total Power: 33kw
  • Forming Mold Quantity: 3

  • Model: BTF1-4
  • Capacity: 1200-1500pcs/h
  • Total Power: 42kw
  • Forming Mold Quantity: 4

  • Model: BTF3-4
  • Capacity: 1800-2500pcs/h
  • Total Power: 53kw
  • Forming Mold Quantity: 12

  • Model: BTF4-4
  • Capacity: 2500-3000pcs/h
  • Total Power: 89kw
  • Forming Mold Quantity: 16

  • Model: BTF4-8
  • Capacity: 4000-4500pcs/h
  • Power: 113kw
  • Forming Mold Quantity: 32

  • Model: BTF5-8
  • Capacity: 4500-5500pcs/h
  • Power: 161kw
  • Forming Mold Quantity: 40

  • Model: BTF6-8
  • Capacity: 6000-7000pcs/h
  • Power: 223kw
  • Forming Mold Quantity: 48


Beston pulp molding machine price starts at 8000USD. If you want to get the detailed price and cost for each model,as well as the latest discount, please contact us now!

Paper Pulp Molding Process

The whole paper pulp manufacturing process includes pulping, molding, drying and packaging systems. Please watch the video!

Advantages of Beston Paper Pulp Molding Equipment

  • Cost-effective

    You will get the best paper pulp molding machine with the least money;

  • Superior

    Special design and appearance makes the whole pulp molding process smooth;

  • Adjustable

    We can provide customized service and product according to your requirement;

  • High Quality

    The machine adopts the advanced technology to reduce the possibility of errors and faults.

Beston Pulp Molding Machines in 5 Continents


India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Philippines, Syria, Uzbekistan, Armenia;


Egypt, Algeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Seychelles, Angola, Senegal, Sudan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe;


Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Spain;

South America

Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile;

North America

United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Dominica, Jamaica…

What Users Said


Luis Díaz (From Guatemala)

Beston egg tray machine has excellent productivity. Their quality and stability is beyond my expectation. I have to say BESTON company is a good partner.

Jeremia (From Namibia)

Beston group is very professional in pulp tray making machine. We are happy with the equipment and after-sales service. Hope to continue the pleasant cooperation!

Mesin (From Indonesia)

We are running the egg carton machine quite well. It meets our job and get satisfactory result. Thanks for the quick response every time. Cheers!

Tosin (From Nigeria)

We would like to say thank you for the service and cooperation. I am quite satisfied with the BTF4-4 egg tray machine with metal dryer. Thanks again!


About Beston Group Co.,Ltd

Top Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturers in China

Beston Group Co., Ltd. is the professional paper pulp molding machine manufacturer and supplier in china, and has 10+ years of manufacturing experience. There are 500+ employees in Beston company. We supply the full support for the installation and training. Beston supplies all types of pulp molding machiens for sale, including manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic; 1-side, 4-side, 8-side; etc. Beston pulp moulding machines have been exported to 50+ counties in the world.

Why Beston is Trusted by 100+ Pulp Molding Machine Importers?

Large Scale Pulp Molding Machine Manufacturing Facility

Beston owns a large factory area, which is larger than 15000 square meters. We can guarantee the production and shipment of the orders on schedule.

10+ Years’ Experience of Manufacturing and Exporting

We have 10+ years’ experience in pulp molding industry, and have exported machines to 80+ countries, such as the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, etc.

Full Set of Certificates

Beston Group has pass through the CE, ISO and SGS certificates. All the paper pulp molding equipment will be tested before delivery.

Full Support on Installation &Training

Beston owns a large factory area, which is larger than 15000 square meters. We can guarantee the production and shipment of the orders on schedule.

Door to Door Shipping

Beston can ship the machines to your port in your country, and we supply the FOB & CIF price. We also can supply the door to door service or one-stop service.

One Set Free Mould

We supply one set of free tray making mould when you order the pulp moulding machine. All the mould has been heat treatment. The mould will be higher hardness.

If you have any question about products from Beston Company, please email or phone us. We will reply you in 2 hours. We are 24/7 online, and you can call us, whatsapp or email.